Monday, September 01, 2014
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In Honor for Many Years of Service!

We Honored Mrs. Hibbits who has been with us for 51 Years. 

Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Ms. Briscoe winner of the Teacher of the Year Award

Congratulations to Mrs. John!!!!

For being awarded Teacher of Excellence.

Our Mission


We believe… Everyone is a Learner.
•    All Johns' students can learn.
•    Johns is a safe place to learn. Children have a right to a safe, positive, nurturing learning environment.
•    A positive attitude is important.
•    Education= Parents + Students + Teachers + Community. Optimum learning is dependent upon communication and a sense of partnership among students, parents, community, and school.
•    Communication is the key. The uniqueness of the individual must be respected.
These beliefs are recognized, encouraged, and communicated to all students, parents, and visitors at Johns.
Our Vision
Our vision… Learning happens at Johns. 
Our school will be a place where parents, teachers, and students will work together to create a positive, safe, and secure environment that will foster a community of life-long learners. Students will be encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and their learning. Teachers will encourage critical thinking to develop productive citizens. The uniqueness of each individual will be recognized and valued in order to help each child maximize his potential

Our mission… Learning for today and tomorrow. 
•    Enthusiastic about learning
•    Independent life-long learners
•    Problem-solvers
•    Respectful of self and others
•    Responsible, productive members of the community who are able to work with a spirit of cooperation.
Upcoming Holidays 2013-2014


Early Dismissal...............June 5 @ 1:45 pm

Early Dismissal...............June 6 @ 1:45 pm

Last Day of School..........June 6

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