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Bring Your Own Technology Initiative

BYOT Guidelines

Starting Tuesday, 1/27, we will have a central, dedicated location for students to earn redemption hours. Our library will be open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:00-5:00pm specifically for students needing to redeem credits. Mrs. Jenkins will be joined by two teachers, and they will work with students needing assistance, as well as ensuring that our redemption students are using their time productively. As stated on the redemption contract, students have other options for redeeming credits lost due to attendance, but this one is especially helpful because of the consistent availability. Non-redemption students may also be in the library, but Mrs. Jenkins and the two teachers will direct their efforts towards the redemption students first and foremost.

Redemption Expectations

  1.  Upon arrival, student must check in with a Late Night Lamar instructor.  Not doing so, will invalidate the earned hours for the specific day.
  2. Student must sign in and sign out every time he/she comes in or leaves the library (even to go to the bathroom). Not signing in or out will invalidate the earned hours for the specific day.
  3. Student must have his/her redemption form or make arrangements for the document.
  4. Student must work with assigned instructor.
  5. Student must be working.  Sleeping, sitting, doing nothing, talking/playing on phone, playing computer games etc. will not be allowed.
  6. Student will follow all school rules and expectations.
  7. Late Night Lamar is a privilege and any student not following the expectations may be asked to leave.
In the News
Parent Satisfaction Survey

The Arlington Independent School District is committed to becoming a premier school district in the United States. To continue to move forward in this journey to excellence, the district is continuing to gather data from stakeholders to determine where we are as a district and to set realistic, measurable goals for continuous improvement.
The parent satisfaction survey allows parents to provide input on parent engagement for each school. Please communicate with your parents in the most effective way and ask them to complete this short survey (about 10 minutes). The survey can be accessed online at

The Parent Satisfaction Survey will be open from March 2 to 31.


Calling All Soon to Be
Barbers, Hair Stylist, Make-up Artist and Nail Technicians

Applications are due to your Counselors  by MARCH 3, 2015.


Monday, March 2

PTA mtg. 6:30pm
Open House 7:00-8:00pm
Senior Parent Meeting after Open House

Academic Decathlon

Honors Students:  Tara F, Sarah (bronze in Economics and 5th place out of all Honors students present), and Ritu P (bronze in Language & Literature, gold for Lamar's top Honors student, and 4th Place out of all Honors students present)

Scholastic Students:  Jenna H (bronze in Speech), Dulce M (gold in Language & Literature), and Rebecca V (bronze in Music, silver in Art, silver in Social Science, gold in Science, gold for Lamar's top Scholastic student, and 4th place out of all Scholastic students present)

Varsity Students:  Mycah B (gold in speech), Zahraa I, and Pamela A (bronze in Economics, silver in Essay, silver in Social Science, gold in Interview, gold for Lamar's top Varsity student, and silver out of all Varsity students present)

We took 2nd Place at Super Quiz and came in Second Place OVERALL!

Signing Day


Keaton Bates - Southern Methodist University
Landry Bray - Southwestern University (Georgetown)
Jordan Sturgeon - Southwestern University (Georgetown)

Madeline Walsh - Saint Mary's University

Mathew Kahlig - College of Idaho

Michelle Torres - Point Loma Nazarene University (San Diego)

Girls Basketball
Dezirae Hampton - New Mexico Junior College

Girls Soccer
Savanna Bryant - Texas Women's University

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first row left to right - Haley W. (4th place PSA team)  Linda Tran (2nd place Public Health team) , Annisaa H. ( 2nd place  Public Health team) Sarah A. (2nd Place Public Health team)  Naponi J. (4th Place Persuasive Speaking)   back row - Brianna W.  (4th Place PSA team) Reasat B. (2nd Place Public Health team) Sierra S. (4th Place PSA team) Uzo M. (3rd place Public Health Team).  Lauren P. - not pictured (1st place Medical Spelling)

26 LHS HOSA members (Health Occupation Students of America) competed in Killeen, TX.  LHS Medical Spelling and Public Health team advanced to State competition in April.

Matthew K receiving his Bronze Metal for the 200 freestyle
at the Regional Swim Meet

AVID National
Demonstration School

Lamar is an AVID National Demonstration School. This recognition is earned for beingan exemplary model of the Advancement Via Individual Determination program and demonstrating the very best AVID methodologies and strategies. They join Carter and Hutcheson junior highs in achieving this high honor; of the4,800 schools implementing AVID. Approximately 120 schools have this designation.


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