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Uniform Policy

Nichols Uniform Policy


·         Collared or Crew Neck shirts must be worn at all times (long or short sleeve).

·         Allowable colors are Hunter Green, Navy Blue, White, Gray or Black.

·         Solid Colors only. No stripes, patterns or insignias allowed.

·         Logos cannot be larger than two inches by two inches (2x2) in size.

·         Shirts must have sleeves and cover the abdominal area.

·         Untucked shirts cannot hang past the tip of the index finger when hands are placed at the side.

·         Shirts worn under the uniform:

o     cannot be any color other than those specified above

(no pink, red, orange, yellow, etc. allowed)

o     cannot hang past the uniform shirt


·         Solid or any combination of the following colors; Hunter Green, Navy Blue, White, Gray or Black.

·         There are no size restrictions on sweatshirt/Hoodie logos but they must be uniform colors.



·         Allowable colors are Khaki, Navy Blue, and Black.

·         No rips or tears allowed.

·         Blue jeans or any “jean like” material bottoms are not acceptable.

·         No sagging. Pants should stay on the waist without a belt.

·         Shorts and skirts cannot be more than four inches above the knee.

- Solid (Navy Blue, Black, or White) leggings/tights are allowed under skirts.

·         NO SWEATPANTS, JEGGINGS or ATHLETIC SHORTS of any color are allowed.


Identification Badges:  Scholars are to wear school identification badges at all times.



·         All NJH and Lamar HS spirit and organization shirts are acceptable.

·         No oversized clothing.

·         All scholars must wear shoes. NO house shoes or slippers allowed.

·         Shirts do not have to be tucked in.

·         Undergarments should not be visible at any time.

·         Scholars are not allowed to cover their heads when wearing hoodie sweatshirts.

·         ALL clothing and accessories must follow AISD dress code.

·         Clothing should not be a distraction to the learning environment.


Supply List


Nichols scholars will be required to have an organized binder requiring the following supplies:

·         Good quality 3-ring binder, (3 inch rings with pocket inserts on front and back covers)

·         Five to six colored tab subject dividers to separate each academic class

·         Zipper pouch to store supplies (3-hole punched heavy duty Ziploc bags also work)

·         Two or more pens

·         Two or more pencils

·         Filler notebook paper

·         One or more colored highlighters (any colors)


The supply list does not include what your scholars might need for their core and elective classes.  Those teachers will let the student know if they need anything specific the first week of school. 

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