Wednesday, May 06, 2015
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Special Happenings
Short's Senior Get Together

Congratulations to the Senior Class of 2015.  Graduating  Short  Senior students are invited to Senior get together May 11 at 4:00.

Choir Performance

OUr choir and second grade will be performing Willy Wanka Kids.  Please join us Thursday May 14, 2015 from 5:45-7.

Science Night

Title I Science Night will be Thursday,  May 7, 2015 from 6-7.  Come join us in an interesting Science filled evening.

CiCI's Spirit Night

Join us at CiCi's Spirit Night May 19 from 4-9 at the Mayfield/Cooper location.  A portin of proceeds will come back to Short. 

Field Day

Field Day will be divided into two days this year.

K-2  April 30  8:30-11:00

3-6 May 1  8:30- 11:00

Short Elementary "Bee" Behavior Expectations


Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Be Here, Be Ready

Be Safe

Cafeteria/ Assembly

Observe proper etiquette.

Respect the participants of the event.

Arrive and leave quickly and quietly.

Listen & respond politely to adult directions.


Clean up after yourself.

Report any concerns.

Respect others’ privacy.

Maintain a clean, and graffiti free environment.

Observe time limits.

Use good hygiene.


Stay in the area you are assigned.

Take turns on the equipment.

Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

Follow directions for release to the playground.

Follow the directions for lining up.

Listen & respond to your teacher.

Use the equipment correctly.

Leave objects on the ground where they are.


Report any concerns.

Clean up after yourself.

Use appropriate language and voice.

Use manners.

Respect others and their space.

Be polite to everyone.

Arrive and leave quietly.

Finish eating before you leave the cafeteria.

Listen & respond politely to adult directions.

Remain in your seat.


Follow homework policy.

Follow classroom rules.

Respect others' space and belongings.

Use appropriate voice and language.

Be In class before bell.

Bring required materials every day.

Listen and respond politely to adult directions.

Ask when in doubt.

Computer Lab

Keep things in working order and report problems.

Leave food or drink out of computer lab.

Respect equipment.

Use appropriate voice.

Stay in your seat.

Use equipment appropriately.


Keep the hallway clean.

Play only school math and reading games.

Respect others' space.

Voices off.

Stay in line.

Listen and respond politely to adult directions.

Walk on the right side.

Short Elementary Behavior Matrix


Universal Breakfast

New to 2014-2015 We are a Universal Breakfast site.  Cafeteria doors open at 7:30.   All students enrolled at Short will be able to eat breakfast free of charge.  Breakfast hours are from 7:30-8:05.

Thank you!!

The Faculty, Staff, and Students want to say THANK YOU to our PTA and all of the Parents that donated to help raise funds for the Shade Structure.  We are currently raising money for the second shade structure for the smaller playground.  The second structure will be about $18,000.

Once again, thank you for all of your support!

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