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The following schools are closed to transfers for 2014-15 due to boundary changes:
Berry, Blanton, Crow, Knox, Rankin, Roark, and Thornton.
At this time, you may place your child's name on waiting lists at two different schools.
Starting Thursday, September 18th, schools that have openings will begin to call parents on their waiting lists.  The calls will be made in the following order, according to when the parent signed up on the waiting list:
(1) in-district students, (2) out-of-district employees' students, (3) out-of-district, City of Arlington students, and (4) out-of-district students.
The lists of available openings by school and grade are attached on the left side of this page.
The last day of the transfer re-opening is Wednesday, October 8th.  After that time, transfers will be closed the rest of the year.  Waiting lists will no longer be valid.  
For additional information about transfers, see attached AISD Transfer Policy or call 682-867-7217. 
Public Education Grant (PEG) Schools Information Update

The following Arlington ISD schools are on the 2014 Public Education Grant (PEG) list - Lamar and Sam Houston High Schools, Shackelford Junior High, and Ellis, Morton, Roquemore, Speer, and Thornton Elementaries.

A student enrolled in any of the campuses listed may:
1. make application to attend a campus in any other school district for the 2014-15 school year, or
2. may apply to attend another campus in AISD for the 2014-15 school year.

If your student attends any of these PEG schools, you should receive a letter from your school stating that your campus is a PEG campus. Below is additional information related to PEG transfers:
1. If you wish to enroll your student in another school district in 2014-15 because your AISD
school is a PEG school, please contact that school district in writing for information on the
2. If you wish to enroll your student in another AISD school in 2014-15, requests for transfers will be taken at the Administration building, 1203 W. Pioneer Pkwy, starting March 1, 2014 at 8:00 a.m.
3. If you choose to transfer to another PEG campus, a transfer fee must be paid.
4. If space becomes available at the school at which you put your name on a waiting list, you will be called in the summer.
5. There is no transfer fee.
6. No transportation will be provided.
7. If your student attends another school district in Texas and your school is a PEG campus, you may apply at the AISD Administration building, 1203 W. Pioneer Pkwy, Arlington, TX starting March 1, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. You must have a copy of the PEG letter from your school.
8. The student may stay at the non-PEG school until:
  a. the original campus is removed from the PEG list, or
  b. the student is moved to a non-PEG school due to boundary changes or student moves into a non-PEG school attendance zone, or
  c. the student completes all grades in the non-PEG school. Therefore the student will return to his/her home school feeder system when moving from 6th to 7th grade or from 8th to 9th grade.

Strategies for Improvement at All AISD PEG Schools

  • Utilizing academic data to monitor progress and improvement of student learning
  • Implementing professional learning communities to foster collaborative learning among teachers
  • Using curriculum assessments given by the district as a formative tool to analyze and adjust instruction to ensure student learning
  • Ongoing and focused professional development targeted at the specific needs of the campus
  • Focusing supplemental instruction interventions, often delivered during the school day, based on the needs of students, called Response to Intervention
  • Utilizing district resources to meet the needs of the individual campus (instructional coaches, curriculum staff, structured staff development, etc.)
  • Having regularly scheduled administrative walk-throughs to monitor instruction and student progress
  • Integrating more use of technology (iPads, netbooks, laptops, etc.)
  • Engaging community partners
  • Implementing the Texas Literacy Initiative grant focused on improving literacy instruction

If you have academic questions regarding the PEG designation, please contact your school.

If you have further questions regarding PEG, please see attached document on the right side of this page, "PEG Frequently Asked Questions".