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Bring Your Own Technology Initiative

BYOT Guidelines

Starting Tuesday, 1/27, we will have a central, dedicated location for students to earn redemption hours. Our library will be open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:00-5:00pm specifically for students needing to redeem credits. Mrs. Jenkins will be joined by two teachers, and they will work with students needing assistance, as well as ensuring that our redemption students are using their time productively. As stated on the redemption contract, students have other options for redeeming credits lost due to attendance, but this one is especially helpful because of the consistent availability. Non-redemption students may also be in the library, but Mrs. Jenkins and the two teachers will direct their efforts towards the redemption students first and foremost.

Redemption Expectations

  1.  Upon arrival, student must check in with a Late Night Lamar instructor.  Not doing so, will invalidate the earned hours for the specific day.
  2. Student must sign in and sign out every time he/she comes in or leaves the library (even to go to the bathroom). Not signing in or out will invalidate the earned hours for the specific day.
  3. Student must have his/her redemption form or make arrangements for the document.
  4. Student must work with assigned instructor.
  5. Student must be working.  Sleeping, sitting, doing nothing, talking/playing on phone, playing computer games etc. will not be allowed.
  6. Student will follow all school rules and expectations.
  7. Late Night Lamar is a privilege and any student not following the expectations may be asked to leave.
In the News
Schedule Card Pick-up Dates
Day Date Times Grade
Monday August 10 8:00-12:30pm 12th
Tuesday  August 11

8:00-12:30pm &


11th & 12th
Wednesday August 12

8:00-12:30pm &


10th - 12th
Thursday August 13

8:00-12:30pm &


Friday  August  21

8:00-12:30pm &


9th - 12th


Summer Reading Lists:

Click here for Pre-AP English 1

Click here for Pre-AP English 2

Click here for AP English Literature & Composition

AP English III should read Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston


Picture Days

Below is the schedule for individual student and faculty picture days.
Students will go during their English class or their elective class,
if not taking English.

SENIORS:    June 22-26         LHS Auditorium
            Nov. 3-5            LHS Auditorium        Retakes

Grades 9-11:    Sept. 15-16        LHS Auditorium
            Nov. 6            LHS Auditorium        Retakes

Faculty/Staff:    Sept. 15-16        LHS Auditorium
            Nov. 6            LHS Auditorium        Retakes

New Photography Company:    ULTIMATE EXPOSURES
                        Charles Cummings, general manager


2016 seniors, click here for more info about Senior Portraits.


 read more ...
Secondary Fall Registration

Junior High Fall Registration, click (HERE) for more information
High School Fall Registration, click (
HERE) for more information


Syndicate   Print   

For more information about JROTC click (HERE)

Wood Technologies

In the spring of 2013 a team led by Alejandro L, with Marcos G and Jose M began cutting out the pieces.   In the fall of 2013  R.J. Hovers, Sebastian Ortiz, Julio Catano, and Carlos Ante continued the work and worked throughout the school year, as time allowed.   In the fall of 2014 Jordyn Seaton (no longer in Wood Tech after having completed both classes) asked if he could come in during his lunch hour and work on completing the Viking. Jordyn worked on sanding, lacquering, sanding, and polishing over and over again almost every day during his lunch hour from September 2014 to May 27, 2015. He often worked on the project before or after school in addition to his lunch hour work sessions.  Eventually he assisted in mounting the pieces and framing the work.  Jordyn is a senior and graduating this year.  His excellent work reveals the beauty of the various woods and grain patterns. 

Calendar of Events


Athletic Forms
Athletic Participation Forms and our AISD Athletic Parent/Student Handbook is now online and active.
For forms click (

2015 Vikings
Summer Strength and Conditioning Camp
Coach Delay has developed a plan for the summer strength and conditioning sessions
Google doc Registration click (
For more information click (

AVID National
Demonstration School

Lamar is an AVID National Demonstration School. This recognition is earned for beingan exemplary model of the Advancement Via Individual Determination program and demonstrating the very best AVID methodologies and strategies. They join Carter and Hutcheson junior highs in achieving this high honor; of the4,800 schools implementing AVID. Approximately 120 schools have this designation.



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