1. Being in AVID is a privilege and enrollment in the program is an honor.  You must be chosen for this elective through a process  of application and interview. 
  2. Have exemplary behavior in each class and in all activities where you represent our school.
  3. Be an active learner: be attentive, take Cornell notes in each class.
  4. AVID is a class, and assignments will be given. Complete all AVID assignments  by the  due date.
  5. Come prepared to study groups and tutorials. Have all class notes, texts, handouts, and any other necessary materials. Be aware that study groups and tutorials are not a replacement for homework time.
  6. Be prepared for all classes with your AVID binder that includes all assigned work completed and ready to submit at the beginning of the class.
  7. Stay on top of your grades by taking the responsibility for your own learning. If you start to fall behind, request help from the teachers and/or tutors.
  8. Pre-AP courses are challenging and you may see a decline in your grades in the beginning. This will require extra time and effort by utilizing before or after school tutoring.
  9. Participate as an active member in all fund-raising, community service and field trip activities.
  10. Participate in the program throughout high school by  applying each consecutive year.