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If it’s green or wiggles, it’s

If it stinks or explodes, it’s

If it doesn’t work, it’s

The science department offers a variety of classes to meet the interests and abilities of all  students at Arlington High School.

Teacher Subjects E-mail
Click on the name for the teacher's web page.    
Frank Banell  Credit Recovery, TAKS Science  fbanell@aisd.net
Katy Barrett  Chemistry, IB Chemistry  kbarrett@aisd.net
Brandi Bastas  IB Bio I, II, Pre-AP Bio  bbastas@aisd.net
Kelley Carroll  Prin Tech, Physics  kcarrol1@aisd.net
Verndra Conan AP Biology, Pre-AP Biology vconan@aisd.net
Rachel Davis Physics rdavis19@aisd.net
Giovanny Destin Physics, Principals of Technology gdestin@aisd.net
Diaz, Shannon Chemistry sdiaz@aisd.net
Amy Dragon AP Environmental Science, Biology adragon@aisd.net
Harris, Genny Environmental Systems gharri3s@aisd.net
Denise Harville  Chemistry  dharvill@aisd.net
Jessica Leonard  Chemistry  jleonard@aisd.net
Brian Loveland  Biology  blovelan@aisd.net
Tanya Maness  Pre-AP Chemistry. AP Chemistry tmaness@aisd.net
Sabrina Matthews Chemistry smatthe1@aisd.net
James McGuire  Credit Recovery  jmcguire@aisd.net
Tommy Moore  Biology  tmoore1@aisd.net
Mark Patton  Anatomy and Physiology  mpatton@aisd.net
Dan Provence  Biology  dprovenc@aisd.net
Mike Roark  Department Leader  Pre-AP Physics, AP Physics  mroark@aisd.net
Janet Smith Physics jsmith4@aisd.net
Johnny Stephens  Physics, Pre-AP Physics  jstephe5@aisd.net
Jose Vega  Biology, IPC  jvega@aisd.net
Waylon Whitney Biology,  Pre-AP Biology  wwhitney@aisd.net



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Classes Offered

The  following courses are offered:

  • Integrated Physics and Chemistry
  • Biology I
  • Chemistry I
  • Physics I
  • Chemistry in the Community
  • Principles of Technology
  • Geology/Meteorology/Oceanography
  • Environmental Science
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pre-AP Biology I
  • AP Biology II
  • Pre-AP Chemistry I
  • AP Chemistry II
  • Pre-AP Physics I
  • AP Physics II
  • IB Biology
  • AP Environmental
  • IB Chemistry
  • Science
  • IB Physics
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