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37 Boles Students Make All-City Choir
22 Boles Students Make All-Region Choir



Jocelyn Epley
Choir Director

Audrey Alotto
Assistant Choir

 Conference: 12:14 to 1:13    Conference: 12:14 to 1:13
Choir Hand Book
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Class Schedule for Mrs. Epley & Ms. Alotto
1st Period - 8:55 to 9:45  NV B Choir 7/8 12:14 to 1:13 Conference
2nd Period - 9:49 to 10:44  VB Choir 7/8 5th Period - 1:17 to 2:07 VG Choir
3rd Period- 10:48 to 11:38  NV B Choir 7/8 6th Period - 2:11 to 3:01 Bel Canto Inter. Girls
A Lunch - 11:38 to 12:10 Lunch 7th Period - 3:05 to 3:55 NV G Choir 7/8


"Box Tops for Education"

Please collect the Box Tops for Education and turn them into Mrs. Epley or Miss Alotto, the choir director or to the office. Each week a student name is drawn to win some candy for donating their box tops.  When you turn them in, be sure you print your first & last name on each one.  The box tops are then placed in a container, and one is drawn for the candy prize each week. The money earned will be used for purchasing needed items for students in the choir program.  Thank you for your help.

All- City Choir Members

Hannah B. Natalie B. Alex C. Emma C. Zach D. Olvia D.
Elizabeth E. Jason G. Emma G. Larissa H Garrison H. Trinity H.
Brandon H. Erica H. Dylan H. Ryan J. Aiden J. Haley L.
Elena M. Cloe N. Daniel N. Cameron N. Tom N. Carson O.
Jasmine O. Devin P. Connor R. Hannah R. Lizzy R. Lindsay R.
Erin S. Maredia S. Brianna S. Payton S. Anna Beth S. Adi S.
Jensen W.          

Mixed All- Region Choir Members

Soprano 1 Soprano 2 Alto Tenor Tenor 2 Bass
Emma C. Olivia D. Elizabeth E. Dylan H Alex C. Garrison H.
Erin S. Erica H. Larissa H.   Jason G. Daniel N.
Maredia S. Haley L. Elena M.      
  Cloe N. Hannah R.      


Honor Treble Region Choir Members

Soprano 1   Soprano 2   Alto
Emma G.   Whitney P.   Hannah B.
Adi S.       Ashlyn P.
Lexie W.        



Choir Dates 2014-2015

August            27        Parent Meeting @ Boles 7:00pm (after 7th grade PAP meeting) in Cafeteria

                         29        Choir forms and $60 fee due    

October            2         All-City Choir Auditions @ Nichols JH   5-9pm

                           3         Fundraiser Kick-Off    Let’s raise some $$$!!

                          11        Haunted House

                          13        CHOIR PARTY @ Arlington Skatium 6-8pm

                          16        **Fall Concert @ Martin HS Auditorium 7:30 pm (Booster Meeting 7:00pm)

                          17        Fundraiser Due

                          20        Show Choir performs at UTA (time TBA)

                        24-25      All-Region Auditions @ Boles JH 5-9pm Friday night and 8am-4pm on Sat.

November       15        All-Region Clinic/Concert @ Martin HS, Clinic 7:45am-4:00pm, Concert 5:00pm     

                                                (Region Members Only)                                                                        

December         2        Show Choir performs at Barnes & Noble (time TBA)

                           4-6       Show Choir performs at Martin Dinner Theater (Show Choir Only)

                            11        **Winter Concert @ Martin HS 7:30pm (Booster Club meeting at 7:00pm)

                            12       Choir Tour (Chorale and Show Choir only)

                            TBA     Six Flags Performance

Jan.-March      UIL rehearsals TBA

January            23       **Cluster Concert Rehearsal @ Martin HS 5-9pm (Chorale only)

                           24       **Cluster report @ 2:30pm with Concerts at 3:00pm and 5:00pm (Chorale only)

February            7        Solo & Ensemble Contest @ Gunn JH 8am-3pm

                           20       Show Choir Showcase @ Bowie HS @ 7pm 

March               24       **Pre-UIL @ Young JH (4-8pm) Specific times given closer to date

                                                                                        (for all eligible students participating in UIL)        

April                  8-9     **UIL Contest @ TBA (for all eleigible students that attended Pre-UIL)

                          30      All-City rehearsal (time TBA)


May                    4       All-City Concert at th Levitt Pavilion (time TBA)

                          14       **Spring Concert @ Levitt Pavilion 7:00pm (Downtown Arlington)

                          22        End of the Year Choir Party @ Hawaiian Falls

                          TBA      Spring Voice Recital


**Mandatory Concerts by ALL choir members (unless noted).  We will send home detailed information before each event. 




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