PD 360 is an on-demand professional development tool, designed to improve educator effectiveness with the following features:  video training segments, real classroom examples, differentiated topics, professional learning communities and focused objective folders.


      A user guide has been written specifically for Arlington ISD to address the frequently asked questions regarding PD360. It contains topics ranging from your first login to completing your profile and navigating the PD360 system. It also has information concerning the reseting of passwords and getting the most out of PD360 by collaboration and progress tracking.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access PD 360?
  • In your browser’s address field, type www.pd360.com and press the Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac) key. Type your AISD email address in the Username field and your password in the Password field. If this is your first time accessing PD 360, your temporary password is pd360 (all lowercase). Click Log in.
  • If you receive a “Please check the spelling of your username and password” message, verify that you have typed your username and password correctly. Username and passwords are case-sensitive.
I forgot my password. How can I find out what it is?
  • Click "Can’t access your account?" on the Login page. Enter the email address associated with your PD360 account in the Email address field. This email address is most likely your AISD email address. Click Submit. Your password will be emailed to you. Occasionally, the district email server filters this password as spam. If you do not receive an email within a short time, check you spam folder or contact the Professional Development Department.
Why do my reflection questions still show they are incomplete even though I have answered them?
  • Reflection questions will only show they are complete when you have completed BOTH the reflection and follow-up questions.
Why do I sometimes lose the sound while watching videos?
  • If you begin to watch a video, pause it, and then leave your browser open and idle for extended period of time – say, during lunch – the sound may not play when you resume the video. Exit (Windows) or Quit (Mac) your browser, relaunch it, and then return to the video you were watching. That should restore the sound. In some isolated cases, it may require that you clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
Why do videos sometimes pause or skip while I’m trying to view them?
  • The major cause of pausing or skipping video in PD 360 is the data transfer rate of your connection to the Internet – sometimes called bandwidth. When you view a video, the system sends or “streams” the video to your computer. Your computer “buffers” a portion of the video before it will begin to play. Video buffering is a term that describes the amount of video that is preloaded by your media player. Depending on your internet connection, the video may play faster than your computer can download the next portion of the video. When this happens, your computer stops playing the video until more of it is downloaded into your media player.
  • If this occurs often, try the following:
  • Install the latest release of Adobe Flash Player.
  • Exit (Window) or quit (Mac) all non-vital applications. Even an application like your email program uses computer processor and network resources that can affect online video performance.
  • Close any unused browser tabs or windows other than the one in which the video is playing.
  • If you are using a wireless connection to the Internet and a “wired” option is available, use the wired option. In most cases, this option will provide a faster connection.
  • Pause the video. The video will continue downloading in the player while the video is paused. Take a few moments and work on another task until the entire video has been downloaded to your computer.


I’ve watched the videos and I’m working on the reflection and follow-up questions about a topic. Is there any place that I can learn more about the topic?
  • Yes. Most video segments include a guidebook. Guidebooks contain additional information about the topic as well as a bibliography of sources for further reading.
  • To download the guidebook, click the Guidebook button for the video segment you want to know more about. The guidebook will open in your PDF view application, such as Adobe Reader.
  • In addition, you can click the Related Content button associated with the video or click one of the related resources in the Related Items panel to the right of the video player.


Can I use PD 360 with my iPhone, iPad, or Android phone/tablet?
  • Yes, School Improvement Network has developed PD 360 Mobile for both the iOS and Android mobile platforms. PD 360 Mobile is available from your mobile device’s app store, search the iOS App Store or Google Play. The mobile application is free. Once the mobile application is installed on your device, enter your username and password to access PD 360 content.