Psychological and Counseling Services

Dr. Robert Lackey
Lead Licensed Specialist in School Psychology
Phone: 682.867.0841
The Psychological Services and Special Education Counseling Services are currently coordinated by Dr. Robert Lackey, under the auspices of the Special Education Department.
All staff members hold either a masters or doctoral degree in Psychology, Counseling and/or Guidance and Counseling. LSSPs are charged with the responsibility of administering psychological services and consultative support to students, parents, teachers, administrators and staff. Direct services are provided through assessment and crisis intervention; indirect services are provided through consultation, continuing education and staff development. Counselors provide direct services to elementary and secondary special education students. In addition, they facilitate communication and coordination between school, home and other related services; other services include individual, group and crisis counseling and assessments.
Below is a listing of LSSPs, SSP Interns, and Special Education Counselors.

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