Bond construction underway at Hale Elementary

Construction at Hale Elementary

Construction at Hale Elementary

Feb. 14, 2017 - School improvements for Hale Elementary, funded by the 2014 Bond program, are underway.

The work at Hale will be done in two separate stages. The first stage, which started with demolition on Feb. 4, is to enlarge the security vestibule, add two STEM labs and improve the strings room. To make the two STEM labs, the current science room and two adjacent classrooms will be combined and renovated. The current strings room will also be completely renovated with a new ceiling, wall finishes, acoustic wall panels, flooring, marker boards and tack boards.

The second stage of bond work will come in 2019 and includes a series of life-cycle and deficiency upgrades.

Student safety will always be the the AISD's number one priority. All of the construction will be completed either when school is not in session – in the evenings or on weekends – or in cordoned-off or locked areas. In addition, all construction workers are required to pass a background check before they work at Hale or any AISD campus.

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