Bond construction underway at Bebensee, Duff, Fitzgerald and Williams Elementaries

Construction at Duff Elementary

Construction in a classroom at Duff Elementary

April 25, 2017 - Construction is underway at Bebensee, Duff, Fitzgerald and Williams Elementaries. All four schools are getting renovations to provide two STEM labs, a strings room and security vestibule at the front entrance, among other improvements. Each will also receive a number of other life-cycle and deficiency upgrades, including, among other things, improvements to ADA accessibility, technology infrastructure, mechanical systems, plumbing, the parking lot and roof.

While most work will be done over the summer, two classrooms at each school have already been demolished and are currently being renovated. At most of the schools, these rooms will become STEM labs. At Duff, the two rooms will become a strings room and a music room. Duff also has a new parking lot currently under construction.

For more details about the scope of work at each school, please view the bond fact sheets:

Bebensee Elementary     Duff Elementary
Fitzgerald Elementary     Williams Elementary