Vendor and Contractor Application

Vendor and Contractor application for background check.

To complete the process you must follow the two steps below:

  1. Fill out the online application
  2. Provide a U.S. government issued photo ID.

Options for submitting ID

  • -Send a clear copy of the id via U.S. Mail to the address listed below
    -Take a picture with your phone and email to
    -Scan and email id to
    -Personally bring id to AISD HR and allow us to make a copy
    -Personally bring id to your local campus and request a copy be made and submitted to HR
    -Provide a clear copy in a sealed envelope labeled AISD HR Contractor Application to either AISD HR or your local campus

All copies of photo ids are shredded once they are matched with the application.

All questions should be directed to 682-867-7290