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Please take the time to print and read these instructions before beginning your application. 

Application Information:

All applications will expire if they are left dormant for 6 months. It is recommended that you update your application every few weeks in order to ensure that your application remains active.

If your application expires, you will not be able to re-access the application, and you will need to re-register as a new applicant. Please be sure to use a different user ID than the expired application to avoid technical issues.

A completed application must be on file with personnel prior to any interview. If you have previously applied for a different position within the past 6 months, please log in as a registered applicant to update: https://is-teams.aisd.net/submission/HomeLoginAction.do.

  • Under “Career Opportunities”, click on position desired. Please select “Submit” in the last section to update your application.

Application Process:

Applications are entered in the district's database. Human Resources does not conduct central office interviews; interviews are conducted at the campus and department level. The administrator exercises his/her discretion in determining which applicants to contact. The database is large, and our Principals/hiring managers try to interview as many applicants as possible. However, not all applicants are interviewed. Interviews are contingent upon vacancies and need.

You will want to gather the following information before you begin:

  • Names and phone numbers for three references (One reference must be your current supervisor)
  • An Electronic Copy of College Transcripts and/or High School Diploma
  • Resume and Letter of Interest
  • Certification, Test Scores and/or Licensure (if required)
  • Driver’s License (if required)

Helpful Tips and Information:

Personal Information

  • Name submitted must match name on your Social Security Card.

Education History

  • To add education on Education History, please select “Add” to start. After education information is entered, select “Add” a second time. Then, click “Continue” to finish.


  • Your current supervisor information will automatically be added as a reference in your application. Reference requests are not automatically sent to these individuals- they are called or emailed after a formal interview has been conducted.

Additional Questions

  • If a response is copied and pasted, an error message will appear. This is due to the 500 character limit for each question. Please manually type in your response so that the question can be saved and marked complete.


  • Certain attachments are required for each role in our application system. Please refer to your “attachments” page in the application to review the list of required attachments for the roles applied for-this is located at the top of the page (i.e. High School diploma/GED, TEA certification/program letter, Resume, transcripts, etc.).
  • Please make sure to select the right attachment “type” for each file uploaded. For example, if a Teacher certificate is uploaded as a “Professional License” type, then the TEA certification/program letter requirement has not been satisfied. You would need to attach as a “TEA certification/program letter” type.
  • The application system will not allow you to submit until all required attachment types are provided. It is highly recommended that you try your best to upload the documents required, so that the application can be completed. You can always return later to your application in order to provide better copies at a later time, and we can accept readable pictures of documents (for application purposes) if a PDF or scanned document is not obtainable.

General Recommendations and Other Information:

  • Application must be completely filled out in order to be considered for a position.
  • All criteria marked with a red asterisk (*) are required in order to continue to the next section of the application.
  • All former employees with the district will need to attach required documents to their application in order to be considered for any positions. If you need to request your records/documents from us, please fill out and submit a records request form so we can assist you: http://w2.aisd.net/aisd/Portals/12/Records%20Request%20Form.pdf?ver=2015-12-11-153432-910
  • Documents required as attachments to complete application:



Professional & Administrative


HS Diploma

Teaching Certificate

Certificate and/or License

High School Diploma
or GED (if applicable)

College Transcript
(if applicable)

College Transcript

College Transcript

Driver’s License
or State ID

Letter of Interest

Letter of Interest

Letter of Interest

Letter of Interest
(if applicable)




(if applicable)
  • When applying for a posted position, please refer to the job description for required credentials.
  • If you are experiencing problems, please click here