Legislative Agenda

2015-2016 Legislative Agenda Summary

Accountability: Effective, efficient and equitable academic accountability systems are necessary to measure the results of federal investments in public education. However, the current AYP standard requiring all students, including all students who are economically-disadvantaged, special education or English-language learners, to be proficient in math and reading does not accurately measure school performance, but instead unnecessarily increases student anxiety. AYP standards conflict with most state standards and can create considerable confusion over campus and district performance trends. The Arlington ISD supports:

Funding: Legislation and an appropriation that provides funding for public education to meet the incremental needs of students who are economically-disadvantaged, English-language learners and/or special education should be passed by the United States Congress. The Arlington ISD supports:

Local Control: Locally elected school district trustees are best qualified to oversee school performance including the evaluations of teachers and principals within their given contexts. Federal sanctions imposed for not meeting AYP can be unreasonably punitive and costly and may not be the best course of action for students at the affected campus. The Arlington ISD supports:


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