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Interim Legislative Agenda

2016-17 Interim Legislative Agenda Summary


Academic Accountability: An effective, efficient and equitable state academic accountability system is necessary to carry out the mission and objectives of the Texas public education system. Texas’ current academic accountability system provides confusing information to parents about the performance of their child’s school and is too complex for school districts to navigate effectively. The state accountability system should be a tool that helps local school boards and educators improve student performance.

School Finance: Legislation and an appropriation that provides funding for public education to meet the mission and objectives described in Texas Education Code, Section 4.001 is necessary to ensure that Texas produces a workforce that will sustain the state’s economy.

School Choice: The Arlington ISD is a district that offers choice for students and parents. While a school voucher program is perhaps the most polarizing issue in public education today, public school districts should be recognized for providing true choice to their constituents.

Prekindergarten: Pre-K programs such as formula-funded public school pre-K and the Pre-K Early Start Grant provide access for children who need pre-K most. Access to quality pre-K positively impacts academic readiness and performance.

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