Martin National Honor Society

LibraryLibrary Tutoring : On Wednesdays from 3-4, members aid in the learning process by instucting students in their desired subjects. Only hours spent actually tutoring will be counted. If no one shows up after a period of time, members earn an automatic 15 minutes for their efforts.

Off CampusOff-Campus Tutoring : Tutor students outside of school for MNHS hours. Each tutor should have a record sheet, which they can get at either of our sponsors' rooms or at a meeting to keep track of their service and have it signed-off by the child's parents. Tutors without a signature from a parent will receive no credit for their service. Only 4 hours of Off-Campus Tutoring will be recorded. After a tutor has completed their required MNHS hours, they may begin charging for their services as they and the parent see fit. Remember to document your work thoroughly and show these sheets to a sponsor periodically.

MACMac Lab Aides : Help out in the MAC Labs whenever possible. Attend our meetings for more specific times and opportunities. They could really use our help! You can only sign up for MAC Labs if you have off periods (Late Arrival, Early Dismissal) in either 1st, 4th, 5th, or 8th period! After School is also available!