Martin High School has a beautiful library facility where students do research, study, or browse the collection. There are three classroom seating areas available to students and faculty for instructional purposes. The library also has thirty-one computers, over twenty thousand books, and twenty magazine subscriptions for student use. Computers can be used to access the Internet, the book catalog, as well as online library databases including Gale Resources, Facts-on-File, and the World Book Online Encyclopedia.


Our goal is to ensure quality education by providing access to resources in all formats, by providing guidance in the use of these resources, and by working together with the students and staff to meet the needs of the Martin community.

General Information


Catalog and Databases DESCRIPTIONS Martin Library Website which contains book news, research tutorials, and more. Databases and Catalog Maps and other Geography/History resources Facts on File Almanac as well as reference articles pertaining to history, science, health, and careers Gale databases including the Gale Virtual Library, Literature Resource Center, and Student Research Center ABC Clio History Databases EBSCOhost Databases World and I School Database World Book Encyclopedia Teaching Books Educational Videos
CAREER LINKS Occupation Outlook Handbook Facts on File -- Career Module Career Cruising
COLLEGE SEARCH LINKS Links to College Information and Financial Aid Websites Texas Tech University Extended Studies online. Texas Common Application. Apply to any Texas public university online.
HEALTH/DISEASE CURRICULAR LINKS Mayo Clinic Gale Rescources - Student Reference Center. Facts on File - Health Reference Center Web MD Centers for Disease Control National Institutes of Health
LANGUAGE ARTS LINKS Website devoted to Shakespeare's performances at the Globe. Resources for teachers and students including a large database of poems and audio files of poets. An extensive collection of poetry. Streaming video programs about American writer including poets, lesson plans, excerpts from works, links, and more.
SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICULAR LINKS CIA World Factbook. Maps and information about every country in the world. Supreme Court Information. US Senate List of Current Represenatatives US Congress List of Current Representatives US State Department - Information about conflict around the world, world travel, visas and more!? Information about the presidents, presidential families, and the history of the White House.

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