January 8, 2021

Hello parents and Happy New Year!!!

First, let me apologies for breakdowns with Rapid ID this week. I know many students and parents were frustrated with not being able to login for the first day of the New Year. Again, our deepest apologies and hopefully the glitch has been fixed by our IT department. Despite the hiccup, we had a great start to the school year.

With the New Year comes a few changes to campus life that I would like to share with you.


Starting on Monday, we will have two lunches in the cafeteria. Students who have class during 3rd or 9th period will have first lunch, while students in all other areas will have second lunch, One important thing to remember is that the campus is still closed for lunch. Meaning students cannot leave for lunch. Everyone must be in the cafeteria during their lunch time. The one exception to this is for students that have second lunch and is followed by an off period or a class that meets off campus. Since these students can miss lunch and not come back to campus, they do not have to report to the cafeteria. This does not work for students with an off period and first lunch, since those students will have to come back for third period. Students who do not have a 4th or 10th period and want to leave for the day during second lunch, must exit the building through new B hall and show their schedule. Students will not be allowed to exit through any other exit during lunch times.


Synchronous vs Asynchronous Time

As many of you know synchronous time is the time that teachers spend in live meetings with students, and asynchronous time is the time students work independently in Canvas. Many students and teachers have requested that we flip these times, allowing for teachers to meet with students first, then send students off to do work independently. In the fall for continuity sake, we kept all teachers on the same schedule: asynchronous first then synchronous.


Moving forward as every class is different and teaching is an art form more than a science, we would like to give teachers three options to do what is best for their particular class and to best meet the needs of their students.  Teachers can choose one of the three options below.


We understand that this may cause a little confusion to begin with, but for the remainder of the semester this will best meet the needs of our students. These options will go into effect on Monday.


Waiting a week

We purposely did not make these changes to start the new year, because we wanted an opportunity to explain these changes to students. Exact times for asynchronous and synchronous learning times are on each teachers landing page in Canvas. I encourage you to make sure your child is clear on expectations for when their synchronous or asynchronous time begins.

Several teachers have used the following form to help their students to make sure they are on the right track. Below is the link to the form. (note that you must be logged into a google account to be able to access the form since it is set to let you make your own copy)

Schedule Blank


Again, I know this year has been very different with a lot of moving pieces. Thank you for your help to make our modifications as smooth as possible.


Yearbook Pictures

Yearbook picture days for 9th, 10th and 11th grades are January 13 and 14. If your child is not on campus for in person learning, feel free to drop by between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. to have their picture taken or submit a picture through our Google Form: bit.ly/AHSyearbookphoto. If coming in person, students must fill out the daily health screener before entering the building.

To order your photo taken on campus, go to mylifetouch.com and enter Picture Day ID: EVTTJD7N7. Questions? Email emiller5@aisd.net or call 682-867-6496.


PSAT Announcement

On January 26th students who registered for the PSAT have been notified via email that they will be testing on campus that day. Additional information will be sent to testers the week before testing through their student email address.

All other students will remain at home in asynchronous instruction. The PSAT is for 10th and 11th grade students who signed up to take the PSAT during the December registration. 

 Message from PTA

PTA Meeting

We will have a PTA meeting on January 11 at 7:15. Attached is the zoom meeting invitation to our General PTA meeting. WE will be announcing our honorary life member award recipients so please try to attend. Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 776 3545 1644 Passcode: NSKSg1


Thanks so much for supporting the Spirit Days/Nights during the fall semester.  We will be continuing the Spirit Days/Nights this semester!

Please come support our 1st AHS MGM Spirit Day this semester at David's Barbeque (2224 W. Park Row) on Tuesday, January 12th ALL DAY (11:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.). You must say you are there for AHS MGM. Dine-in or Carry Out!

Please share with all your friends and family! Thanks in advance for supporting the AHS Seniors and AHS MGM!


Schedule for Hybrid

Teacher Newsletters

We will continue to update teacher newsletters every Friday. I will always place the link in my weekly parent message. See below to access your child’s classes.

Newsletter Links

Please feel free to reach out to me at sdhalla@aisd.net with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you for your continued support of our school!!!

Kick ‘em Colts!!!
Shahveer Dhalla
THE Arlington High School