AHS Art Students Compete In State VASE competition

Colts Family Art Fans, Wait, there's more! We have 4 pieces of art that have been accepted to compete at the State VASE competition in San Marcos on 4/29 & 4/30. Only 10% of artworks receiving a 4 at region advance to state.

Art teachers are Michelle Justice, Dave Seymour, Bonnie Snyder, and Ryan Willingham.

Wish our artists below good luck at STATE! #coltsfamily #firsthere #kickem #leavealegacy

Molly R, “Brad’s Car,” Division 4
Molly R, “Messy Desk,” Division 4
Suzanna K, “Twiggy,” Division 4
Karen R, “Ocean,” Division 4

Our students received 56 regional medals at the Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE). These students scored the highest rating IV- Excellent. Please congratulate the students below. #coltsfamily #firsthere #kickem #leavealegacy
Region Medalists Receiving 2 Medals
Emily B, Ethan C, Kyndal C, Keira C, Lily G, Ana G, Andrea Gu, Ashley G, Ratticus H, Alex L, Zoom N, Mariam O, Jasmyn R, Molly R, Karen R,
Region Medalists
Eli C, Joselyn E, Andrea Gut, Leslie G, Suzanna K, Jenna L, Herminio M, Camila M, Valeria P, Sal S, Amijah S, Holly S, Cole T, Karina T, Andy U, Gabby W, Brooke Wv

Art 1 Art 2 Art 3 Art 4