What are the address and phone numbers for Arlington High School?
Answer: Arlington High School is located at 818 W. Park Row Drive, Arlington, Texas 76013.
The main phone number is 682-867-8100. FAX 682-867-8119.

How old is Arlington High School?
For information about the history of AHS and the buildings, please click this link: https://www.aisd.net/arlington-high-school/about/history/

Do I live in the Arlington High School attendance zone?
Answer: See AISD Attendance Zones:

How can I find out if I can ride the bus or where the bus stops are?
Answer: Find out which bus runs in your neighborhood using the AISD Web Query. Click this link for the Web Query: https://busroute.aisd.net/elinkrp/Students/BasicTransBoundarySearch.aspx

Who is my Assistant Principal/Attendance Clerk?
Answer: Click here for the answer:  https://www.aisd.net/arlington-high-school/staff/

Who is my counselor?
Answer: Click here for answer: https://www.aisd.net/arlington-high-school/staff/counselors/

How can I contact a teacher?
Answer: Teachers' web pages can be located through the Department tabs at the top of the Home Page,

Or use the search box in the upper right corner to search for the faculty member’s name.

Or, http://w4.aisd.net/employeesearch/Browse.asp

What's for lunch?
Answer: Clink this link for the answer: http://arlingtonisd.nutrislice.com/

Am I allowed to leave the school campus at lunch?
Answer: Juniors and seniors may leave campus during lunch. Sophomores and freshmen must remain on campus. AHS has a beautiful, large cafeteria for your dining pleasure.

Where can I get a Verification of Education (VOE) form? I need it to get my Texas Driver’s license.
Answer: Requests for VOE can be made in the Main Counseling Office. The request forms are on the counter so they may be picked up at any time. Students can bring the completed form back to the Counseling Office at the following times:
7:15-7:30, at lunch and 2:25 - 3:45 (M-Th)
7:00-7:30, at lunch and 2:45 - 3:00 (F).
Approved forms will be ready after school the day after the request is turned in and may be picked up at the times above.

How do I get a parking sticker?
Answer: Parking stickers are sold by Mrs. Zimmerman, the bookkeeper in the Main Office, second door on the left. You will need your car registration and proof of insurance. (See below*.) General parking stickers cost $45 and reserved parking stickers cost $60. Students with a reserved permit may paint their parking spaces, but not until the space is paid for. Proceeds from reserved permits fund a senior scholarship.

Parking Permits
Parking Permits may be purchased at Registration. After registration, please see Mrs. Zimmerman in the Bookkeeper’s Office in the Main Office.

Permits for non-reserved parking spaces are $45. Reserved spaces will be $60. Students with a reserved permit may paint their parking spaces, but not until the space is paid for. Proceeds from reserved permits fund a senior scholarship.

*In order to purchase a parking permit at Registration, students MUST have the following:
1) Student’s Drivers license,
2) Proof of Insurance showing the car (make and model) the student will be driving,
*** The insurance policy MUST have the student’s name and the car listed that the student will be driving!!!!!!!***
3) Vehicle license plate number,
4) Payment (make checks payable to AISD) Reserved spaces = $60, Non-reserved spaces = $45.

When are games? How can I get a sports schedule?
Answer: On the Home Page, at the left bottom toolbar under the picture of AHS is an “Athletics Events” Tab. https://www.aisd.net/arlington-high-school/about/calendars/

Where do I buy football tickets?
Answer: Tickets are sold by Mrs. Zimmerman, the bookkeeper in the Main Office, second door. They are only sold on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays after school and on Friday at the gate. Student tickets are $4. Please bring exact change. At the gate, Student tickets and general admission tickets are $7; reserved seating is $8.

What can I wear to school? What is the dress code?
Answer: For complete Student Code of Conduct:

What is the cell phone/ electronics policy?
Answer: The Arlington ISD plans to allow students to use personally-owned mobile devices such as laptops, netbooks, tablets, iPads, iPod Touches, smartphones and eReaders, during the school day for educational purposes. Implementation of the 2009 Bond program was a great help in preparing for BYOT. Because of the bond, students and teachers are much more aware of how mobile technology devices can improve teaching and learning, and a three-year project has improved wireless connectivity at each school.

Students may possess such devices; however, the use of these devices in the classroom is at the discretion of the individual teacher.

Do I have to wear an ID badge?
Answer: Identification Badges
All high school and junior high school students shall wear their AISD-issued student identification badges or temporary badges at all times while on a school campus or attending a school-related extracurricular activity.

Badges must be visible to AISD employees at all times.

Badges cannot be worn underneath clothing and cannot be carried in a student’s pocket, backpack, bag, purse, etc.

For more information, see Student Code of Conduct: https://www.aisd.net/wp-content/files/2018/07/18-19_Student-Code-of-Conduct-English.pdf