November 13, 2020

Hello parents,

Despite it being Friday the 13th, it’s been a great week at AHS. We are getting into stretch time as we approach the end of the semester. It’s a great time to check your student’s averages for the semester. Remember students must receive a 70 for the semester to receive credit for the course. Each 6-weeks counts for 2/7 and the exam is 1/7…in other words, add up each 6-weeks grade twice and a projected final exam grade once, divide the total number by 7, and that is the semester grade. So for example if my child had an 85 for the first 6-weeks, and a 90 for the second, and I expect them to get an 80 for the last six weeks and an 70 for the exam I would add 85 +85 +90 +90 + 80 + 80 +70 = 580.  Then divide 580 by 7 to give you a projected semester grade of 83. I know that can be a little confusing, so please feel free to email me with questions at


Please see below for a few messages from different AHS organizations.

Message from Counselors

It's that time of year to start our 2021-2022 Course Registration.  Although this year's registration will look a little different from the years past, we hope we came make this as easy for the students as possible and still be able to get them in the classes and programs they would like to pursue.  Registration will open on November 17th and close on December 4th.  Parents and students will receive an email with directions on the process. Parents please be sure you check with your student to make sure they have completed their registration. The emails will contain a link to a google doc choice form, the CTC application link (11th and 12th grades), practicum link( 11th and 12th grade) and course description handbook. Information and links will also be posted in the counselor canvas courses for each cohort.  If you have any questions, please reach out to your student's counselor.

Message from AHS PTA

Each year Arlington High PTA receives nominations for Life Membership candidates.  In order to be considered, the individual is making or has made a significant contribution to the well-being of the youth at AHS or in our community. Do you know someone?  This person could be a teacher or a member of the AHS staff.  Perhaps there is a parent you know that often volunteers in school, or always helps with school or booster club activities. Please help to honor and thank these individuals for their contributions by taking a moment to nominate them as one of this year’s Texas PTA Life Membership recipients.

You can email your nomination to Stephanie Russ at Please include the person's name and a paragraph why they should be recognized.

All nominations must be received by Friday, December 4.

Please feel free to contact Stephanie Russ with any questions.

Message from MGM

SPIRIT NIGHT - Please come support AHS MGM (After Prom Event) at El Gabacho (2408 W. Abram St.) on Monday, November 16th from 4-10 pm. Dine-in or Carry-out.  Be sure to put your receipt in the AHS Bucket when you leave so we can get credit.

Thanks for your support! Please share with all your friends and family!

Schedule for Hybrid

The schedule for hybrid can be found here.

 Teacher Newsletters

We will continue to update teacher newsletters every Friday. I will always place the link in my weekly parent message. See below to access your child’s classes.

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Please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you for your continued support of our school!!!

Kick ‘em Colts!!!
Shahveer Dhalla
THE Arlington High School