AHS Counselor Counselor Lm-M (9-12)

Benethia Williams Registrar

Beth Hancock Counselor: AVID Students (9-12) Me-Mer

Brian Richardson Counselor: T-Z (9-12) and Lu-Maj

Claudine Kemp Counselor:  E-Ha (9 -12 ) and Mc

David Poling Counselor Re-S (9-12) and Mal-May

Jamie Heggan Counseling Clerk

Jodie Dunn Special Education Counselor

Kevin Nute Counselor: A-B (9-12) and Mont-Mora

Leila Perez Counselor: Hb-Lo (9 -12)

Maribel Rosales PEIMS Clerk

Meggan Horne Counselor: N-Rd-Q (9 -12) and More-Mu, Department Leader

Susie Hargrove Counselor: C-D (9 -12) and Mes-Monr

Tamra Garcia Counseling Clerk