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Parent Information on Vaping
Vaping has become a common conversation in our society.  Knowing the true facts about vaping can help parents talk with their children.  Use the attached link to gain more information about the realities of vaping.
For more information, please click this link:

AHS Counselor Counselor Lm-M (9-12)

Benethia Williams Registrar

Beth Hancock Counselor: AVID Students (9-12) Me-Mer

Brian Richardson Counselor: T-Z (9-12) and Lu-Maj

Claudine Kemp Counselor:  E-Ha (9 -12 ) and Mc

David Poling Counselor Re-S (9-12) and Mal-May

Jamie Heggan Counseling Clerk

Jodie Dunn Special Education Counselor

Kevin Nute Counselor: A-B (9-12) and Mont-Mora

Leila Perez Counselor: Hb-Lo (9 -12)

Maribel Rosales PEIMS Clerk

Meggan Horne Counselor: N-Rd-Q (9 -12) and More-Mu, Department Leader

Susie Hargrove Counselor: C-D (9 -12) and Mes-Monr

Tamra Garcia Counseling Clerk

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