Christine Fougerouse
Advanced Academic Coordinator for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate
Room B120

1. Advanced Placement courses offered in the Arlington Schools include Advanced Placement Calculus,
Statistics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, European History, Human Geography
Macroeconomics, Psychology, United States Government and Politics, Comparative Government and Politics,
United States History, World History, computer Science, History of Art, Music Theory, Studio Art, French
Language, German Language, Latin and Spanish Language.

2. These courses will be taught at a college freshmen level and students will receive honors credit for successful
completion of the course requirements.

3. Courses will be taught according to Advanced Placement guidelines and students will use college level
textbooks. Prerequisites for each course are included in the course descriptions on the following pages.

4. Students considering enrollment in Pre-AP and AP courses should use the following criteria:
A. Indication of high interest
B. Parent approval
C. Teacher recommendation
D. Satisfactory grades in pre-requisite courses
E. Standardized test scores that support the student’s grades and interest

5. Students who wish to enroll in one or more Advanced Placement courses will receive a copy of the Pre-AP
and AP Expectations of Enrollment form. The form, which explains the rigor and expectations of Pre-AP and
AP courses, must be signed by the student and the parent and returned to the student’s counselor prior to
enrollment in the class(es).


6. Withdrawal form an AP course may occur upon the recommendation of the teacher or a parent/student
request. The Pre-AP and AP Permission to Withdraw form must be completed and signed by the teacher,
parent and student and returned to the student’s counselor.

7. Students are expected to remain in Pre-AP and AP classes for at least six weeks; the deadline for withdrawal
from a Pre-AP or AP class is the last day of the 12th week of the semester.

8. All students enrolled will be encouraged to take the Advanced Placement Test, administered on a specific
date and hour during the first three weeks of May. Each test is designed and scored by the Educational
Testing Service.

9. Students must be committed to the required time needed for the college level studies.

Interested? See your counselor or Ms. Fougerousse about Advanced Placement classes.

Or, talk to one of these AP teachers:
Ms. Wilson, Mathematics
Mrs. Crocker, English
Mr. Austin, History
Mr. Roark, Science