Arlington High School has an open enrollment policy for entry into the IB Programme. The enrollment process is designed to ensure that students and their parents understand the advantages of this challenging program.

Enrollment checklist:

  • Learn more about the IB Diploma Programme by reading the IB Web site (
  • Complete and return the registration form to Mrs. Fougerousse (D214)
  • Set up a meeting with Mrs. Fougerousse to have any questions answered (optional)
  • Have two current teachers complete and return the Goal-Setting Form
  • Students must meet with Mrs. Fougerousse to create their 2-year plan and select courses for junior year.

    Whom do I contact for more information about IB?
    Mrs. Fougerousse is the IB Coordinator.  As the coordinator she will be working with students who have expressed an interest in IB.  She will supervise the application process.  Part of this process is a meeting with students and parents.  Mrs. Fougerousse will help students develop a four year plan and work with counselors on schedules.  In addition she will work with the IB staff.

    You may reach her by email at

The three components include:

Theory of Knowledge ---designed to provide the student with an opportunity for reflection on the knowledge and experience gained inside and outside the classroom.  The course challenges students to question the basis of knowledge, to be aware of subjective and ideological biases and develop the ability to analyze.

Extended Essay---an essay of a maximum of 4,000 words, which allows the student to investigate a special topic of interest.  The essay component acquaints the students with the kind of independent research and writing skills expected in universities.  Each student chooses a teacher to act as a mentor and works with that teacher throughout the process.  The essay is started in the junior year and is finished by the end of the fall semester of the senior year.

CAS (Creativity, Action, Service)----encourages students to share their energy and special talents with others.  Students may participate in theatre or musical productions, sports, community service activities, etc.

Who is the programmed designed for?
The IB Diploma Programmed is designed for highly motivated students who seek the challenge of well rounded, liberal arts, international curriculum.

What are the benefits of the IB Diploma?
The IB Diploma is a prestigious degree nationally and internationally recognized and sought after by the universities throughout the world.  In addition, more than 30 universities offer scholarships to IB graduates.  With the passage of Senate Bill 111, any student who holds an IB Diploma and scored a 4 or better in each area is guaranteed a minimum of 24 credit hours from any state university in Texas.

The programme equips students with the knowledge and attitudes necessary to be successful at the university level and in the work world.  The purpose is to provide students with opportunities and skills that will enable them to develop good judgment, make wise choices and respect others.