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Bound For Success (BFS) UTA admission counselor:


About me: I serve the top 20 percent of the student population from Arlington High School. I help students with any questions about admission, financial aid or housing. I assist in facilitating the transition from high school senior to college freshman at UTA.

My favorite thing about UTA is the accessibility and the affordability UTA offers to all students. UTA is known to give students very generous scholarships and grants, which helps them graduate with very little to no debt.



UTA TRIO Advisor :


Hello everyone! My name is Juliane Huang and I am currently a junior at UTA pursuing a Bachelor's in Social Work. I am one of the go center mentors here at AHS, and I can help you with anything that has to do with college and career readiness. That can look like helping you apply for colleges, assisting you with your FAFSA/TASFA, providing you scholarship information, letting you know about your fee waiver benefits, or connecting you with a college or military recruiter. Some things about me are I am apart of a ministry at UTA called InterVarsity, I enjoy playing basketball, and trying out new food places with my friends. I am excited to see you succeed and pursue something you are passionate about.


UTA TRIO Advisor ::


"Hello! My name is Jennifer Bradford. I am a senior Aerospace Engineer, and this will be my second year at the AHS Go Center. I know the ins and outs of everything post-high school and I am excited to help everyone succeed! I am a huge Marvel fan, love everything about space, and I am apart of a rocket building club at UTA called Aero Mavericks. I look forward to assisting you succeed this school year."

UTA TRIO Advisor ::


My name is Lorena Fuentes Ibáñez, I am an immigrant from Mexico City and grew up in Denver, Colorado. I am a first generation graduate from Colorado State University. My work has heavily focused around student support, community building and bridging resources to our immigrant and refugee students and families in Northern Colorado. I have extensive experience around working with families from all over the globe, from East Africa, West Africa, Central America, and more. I am most proud of the trusting relationships I have built with students and their families. I am passionate about advocating for students and bridging you all to the necessary resources!

Trio Advisor: