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Go to the library web site:  and select "Arlington High School".

"Don't judge a book by its cover." That's an old cliche', but it is true in the AHS Library. Most mornings, the library is an active coffee shop; during the day, it is a busy classroom teaching research skills; and after school, the library is a place for reading, writing and study. 

Things have changed in the school library of the twenty-first century: detailed databases, e-books, and technology available for the students and staff. 

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Librarian: Maryjane O'Halloran-Beane:

The Mission of the AHS Library is to meet student and faculty needs in the areas of curriculum units of study, research, interests, and abilities. We hope to provide a learning-conducive environment so that students and staff may use the library to supplement coursework and encourage a life-time commitment to reading.

The Arlington High School Library is the oldest high school library in A.I.S.D. We have over 18,000 volumes, including print, e-books, and audio books.

Books may be checked for three weeks at a time.

 Over 50 student computer workstations are available for students to use. We subscribe to variety of magazines for students and staff to read in the library.

Go to the library web site:  and select "Arlington High School". This will take you to the AHS Library web site. Use the "Catalog" tab to search for and find books.

The AHS library has many online databases (second tab) and other online resources free for your use and research.
Passwords and IDs are available at the circulation desk.. These resources may be used in the library or remotely at home.

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We look forward to assisting you in the library and welcome any of your suggestions for new material.

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