Deutscher Klub hat Glücksschwein!

Joining German Club is a wonderful way to learn about a new culture and make new friends.
Here students find a relaxing atmosphere where new friends are made and we learn how the Germans and Americans are not all that different. A lot that we do as Americans originated in Germany! Being in German Club gives students a chance to make new friends in a fun, relaxing atmosphere. We plan an activity approximately every six weeks where we can get to together and have a good time in a safe environment.

It is very easy to join German Club and you don’t even have to be in German class. Our dues are $5.00 and be paid at anytime. Cash or check is acceptable. Checks are to be made out to AHS German Club. Membership stays open all year so there’s not a deadline for joining.  . Listen for the announcement about our next meeting or read the ‘Club Board’ in the German classroom.

We are the best here at AHS because we are a beautifully diverse school that accepts everyone. Students make friends easily and feel safe. The faculty and staff are incredibly caring individuals. The spirit pride and tradition go deeper in our school than any other school in the district. We were the first here and are the best here