This club is for anyone and everyone who has a love for photography and ten dollars in their pocket to prove it. The after school meetings give current students as well as those who aren't in photography class a chance to be challenged by assignments and improve their camera skills. Photo club meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month from 2:45 until 4:00 pm. in our photography lab located in room # C-112. The students are given a topic and assigned a photo buddy before being sent out on campus to capture their images. After they are finished, they have the option of editing their work with Photoshop. Assignments can range anywhere from depth of field or a color study to pictures with a slinky. Aside from developing their photos as well as their photographic prowess, it gives students an awesome opportunity to meet new friends that share their passion.

 All assignments are designed to inspire and  encourage the students to think outside of the box.