Why should someone join AHS Sign Club?

If you are in sign language, Sign Club is the place for you! We have meeting about every two weeks. We have fun, and go to different places for multiple activities... all while learning to communicate with the Deaf.

What is Sign Club all about...

Our motto is "YOU SAID A HANDFULL!"

We try to teach life lessons through sign language, and communication with the Deaf.

Why would someone want to join Sign Club?

Sign Club is FUN, and it can keep people busy by doing productive activities. We give students responsibility, which teaches them how to schedule their lives, and get involved with other clubs.

What does it take to be in Sign Club?

All you have to do is be interested in Sign Club. We have a fun and loving group that works together. We encourage our students to get involved. We charge a small fee to join, and that pays for activities and t-shirts. The more meetings you come to the more involved you can get.

Why we think we are the best here at AHS?

We strive to work with other ASL clubs in the district to schedule events that everyone can come to and have FUN!