Homework is an essential part of the educational program. It may consist of the completion of class work and/or special assignments appropriate to the grade level at which the child is working. Homework will be assigned on a regular basis and should be written in the assignment calendar. It may be a long-term or short-term assignment designed to develop good study habits, responsibility, and emphasize critical thinking skills.

**Teachers will be expected to assign homework; to extend, reinforce or enrich the educational program. Explain the homework assignment. Monitor and/or evaluate the completion of homework.

**Parents will be expected to check with their child on a daily basis to see what homework is due and that their child is writing down assignments in the student planner. Provide a quiet place at home to do homework. Monitor the completion of homework and the return of homework to school.

**Students will be expected to record neatly and take homework home. Do homework correctly and neatly. Return it to school on time.