The LiiNK Project

Ashworth Elementary has been selected as one of two elementary campuses in the district to participate in the 2017-2018 expansion of the LiiNKTM Project in Arlington ISD! The LiiNKTM Project is a physical education and character development program that incorporates more frequent recess breaks and character education lessons for grades K -2 students to help them better focus during instructional times and achieve higher mastery of their learning.

LiiNKTM, which stands for Let’s Inspire Innovation ‘N Kids, was implemented for grades K-1 in the 2016-2017 school year and will be implemented beginning in August 2017 for grades K-2. Each K-2 grade level child will receive four, 15-minute recess breaks throughout the school day, which equates to about triple the amount of recess commonly provided in public schools across the nation. They will also receive four-15 minute character education lessons weekly.

The program is designed by Texas Christian University kinesiologist, Dr. Debbie Rhea, and is modeled after the school system in Finland where students receive more unstructured playtime, yet consistently score at or near the top in international education rankings. Two school districts piloted this program during the recent school years with much success. Teachers have reported witnessing significant changes in their students such as fewer distractions, increased eye contact, better peer relations, more engagement in their lessons, and better retention of their newly acquired knowledge.

The LiiNKTM Project aligns with our district’s philosophy that recess is an essential component of the total educational experience for elementary-age children. We believe that recess provides children with opportunities to engage in physical activity; exercise their creativity and imagination; and learn life skills such as cooperation, conflict resolution, taking turns, communication, and problem solving through supervised, unstructured play. We also believe, and research supports, that recess facilitates a child’s academic progress through improved attention and sharper focus on learning.

We are excited about the LiiNKTM Project!  Our teachers have been trained and we are working with the district and Dr. Rhea at TCU to put all the pieces in place for a successful year.