Welcome to the STEM Labs!

Welcome to the STEM Lab!

We are proud to say that our new STEM labs are open for business!

Mrs. CurtisJamie Curtis, who has been a TA in Kindergarten for many years, is now in charge of the STEM labs.  Anyone who knows Mrs. Curtis knows that she’s organized, hard-working, and enthusiastic, and she has spent many hours over the last few weeks to get the STEM labs organized.  In addition to the two STEM labs, she is also organizing the old Science Room in the Fine Arts hallway, which gives Ashworth three great locations for STEM education.

This week, Mrs. Curtis and the teachers have been introducing the students to the labs and informing them about the love and care of scientific instruments.   The teachers have also had the opportunity to use the new interactive projectors that were installed over the summer.

Sixth Grade Science Class

The STEM labs and the interactive projectors were purchased as part of the Bond that voters approved in May 2014.  We are so thankful and look forward to seeing the unlimited possibilities!



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