Kandice Rockett Teacher

Kandice Rockett

Teaching First Grade for twelve years and Second Grade for seven years at Ashworth Elementary has been rewarding, as nineteen combined years of educational journey have provided me with the opportunity to teach many delightful children and attain a great deal of valuable knowledge and many enriching experiences.  As a First Grade teacher, I am deeply devoted to the education of all of my students and continually strive for excellence in teaching through staff development and continuing education opportunities; in addition, I am committed to nourishing a positive relationship with my students and their parents or guardians.

I received my Bachelor of Liberal Arts in English with magna cum laude achievement at the University of Texas at Arlington in 1998.  In addition, I have completed six graduate hours in Foundations of Literacy Program through a partnership with Arlington Independent School District and Texas Woman’s University in 2001-2002.  My areas of certification are Elementary English and Elementary Self-Contained grades 1-8 and English as a Second Language 1-8.

Throughout my career, I have benefited from attending workshops and serving on various committees.  Previous involvement on our Site-Based Committee has further developed my understanding of the importance of partnership between school and community.  While teaching Second Grade, I participated in Purdue University’s Engineering Design Process workshop.  Maintaining a focus on chemical engineering, the challenging and engaging lessons on the process of making play dough incorporated valuable science and math concepts while teaching associated vocabulary.  Furthermore, serving on our science committee, participating in our science fairs, and collaborating on a technology grant program have been excellent experiences for me as well.

My husband and I enjoy spending time with our two grown children and their families; we currently have two precious grandchildren.  We celebrate our common interests of traveling, listening to live musical performances, and attending plays as well as each having our own interests of motorcycle and horseback riding.  I particularly enjoy listening to faith-based music and supporting various charities, including Wings of Hope Equitherapy.