Diana Tran Teaching Assistant

Diana Tran

I am an Oregonian. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon throughout my nineteen years. I moved down here with my family since July 2007. I received my Associate’s Degree from Tarrant Community College in 2011, and then I transferred to University of Texas in Arlington. I graduated and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Education in 2015. I want to become an educator because I want to help out the students who will become citizen and take part of society. I believe they are the seeds to society. I love to help and teach others things I’ve known throughout my years. I like to pass on knowledge and wisdom I’ve received throughout my years as I was growing up. I am an extremely curious person and love to learn. I became a substitute teacher for Arlington Independence School District since I was twenty-three years old in 2010. I have worked at Ashworth Elementary School for almost two years. I am now pursuing on getting my own teacher certificate so I can become a teacher myself. I would like to teach in the elementary school because I believe teaching the basic of life at a young age will help create the students’ personalities.