Grace Frederick Campus Technology Manager

Grace Frederick

I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Ohio Northern University.  In my career, I have programmed flight simulators, call accounting systems, and hand-held computer applications.  I have also worked in web applications consulting and advertising.

I never thought I would want to work in Education, but when I was offered the position of Campus Technology Manager in 2006, I jumped at the chance!  I am thrilled to work with some of the most caring, diligent, and creative people I have ever known.

As Campus Technology Manager, I take care of the computer and computer-related devices and anyone who touches them.  Over my years here, the inventory of computer or computer-related devices has grown from around 200 to just under 1200, and the amount of work required has increased with it!  I have a desk in room 219, but the reality is that the school is my office!

I also have quite a few responsibilities that are covered under the category “other duties as assigned.”  I maintain the Ashworth web site and keep social media updated.  I produce the yearbook with the help of every person who shares his or her pictures with me.  (Have a great picture that you want considered for the yearbook?  Share it with me!)   The list of “other duties” has also included such things as buying earthworms (for second grade), making rat tails (for a spring musical), rescuing baby birds, wrangling lost dogs, tending the school weather station, and chicken sitting. I will do just about any job that enables the students to have a cool learning experience!

When I was eight, I learned how to knit, crochet, cook, and sew.  While I did not appreciate it much at the time (sorry Mom!), fiber arts became a personal passion and the thing that I now embrace when I want to take a huge step back from technology.  I am proud to say that my knitting and weaving projects have won multiple ribbons at the State Fair of Texas!

When Mrs. Pardue suggested that I teach knitting in the Library, I agreed!   With donations from local knitters and fiber artists, I was able to launch a knitting club that meets before school.  In addition to knitting, the students have tried their hands at Saori weaving.  The students’ work now adorns the lamps and end tables in the Library reading area.  I look forward to seeing how much our budding fiber artists have grown next year!

In 2009, the Ashworth PTA awarded me with an Honorary Texas PTA Lifetime Membership.  My peers at Ashworth selected me to be the 2010-2011 Staff Member of the Year.  I try daily to prove that I deserved both honors.