Jennifer Moore Teacher

Jenny Moore

I will be teaching Math and Science in my first year as a Fourth Grade teacher. I have a long history with education, starting with growing up in schools. Both of my parents are teachers, so my sister and I have spent a lot of quality time in the realm of education. I actually had my dad for Seventh and Eight Grade Math! I pursued a degree in Education from the University of Texas at Arlington. I have had the joy of subbing for every grade level in many different districts. I landed at Ashworth Elementary in 2014, and I feel honored to help realize the goals of this awesome school!

I currently live in Fort Worth and have six chickens: Hen Solo, Princess Laya, Camilla, Audrey Henbird, Butters, and Tina. I get to enjoy free range eggs every morning for breakfast and the company of six squawky hens in the evenings.