Penelope Pedersen Teacher

Penelope Pedersen

I teach all subjects in a Third Grade general education classroom. I have wanted to be a teacher since before I was even in school. My favorite game as a child was to “play school” with my cousins. I had an old fashioned row of vintage wooden school desks in my bedroom. My favorite thing about teaching is watching a child’s eyes light up when they understand a new concept. It is truly a beautiful thing.

I grew up in many places, on farms in Minnesota, coastal areas like Riverside, California (close to my beloved Disneyland) and the Sierra-Nevada mountain range in northern California. I decided to go a different path from teaching and went to Texas to be a geology major at Texas Christian University. I realized my junior year I preferred to work with more people and switched and graduated with a Communications major, and a minor in Psychology.

It still took me many years to realize I still really wanted to teach. I have been teaching since 2005 and love my job. I am certified to teach Special Education, General Education EC-4, and ESL students.

Living close to Ashworth Elementary means I do not have a long commute. I play Co-Ed soccer at the APEX indoor soccer arena for three teams for fun. I have two children. My son graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and my daughter attends my Alma Mater Texas Christian University