Bailey Junior High

Bailey History

Bailey Junior High School is rich in tradition! Many ex-students choose to send their children here because they know what Bailey stands for….strong in academics, strong in extra-curricular activities, and a safe place to attend school. The Bailey Rams are here to stay.

When Arlington was a little college town east of Fort Worth, Texas, children attended one of two public schools, elementary or secondary. The old elementary school, which has been demolished, was on Border St. near Collins; the secondary school was on Cooper St. in what is now the social work building on the University of Texas at Arlington campus.

When a new Arlington High School building was built on Park Row near Cooper St., the old Arlington High building became a junior high campus. Seventh and eighth-grade students from the elementary and ninth grade students from the high school attended the junior high. The school was named Ousley Junior High.

When Ousley Junior High was bursting at the seams, a new building was built off Bowen Road near Park Row. However, the new school was named Bailey, honoring Joe Bailey, school board member and Arlington business man. To honor the Ousley family and continue the Ousley tradition, a new junior high school has been named Ousley.

Bailey Junior High opened in the fall of 1968 with an enrollment of 1800 students. To accommodate the large enrollment, five temporary buildings immediately became part of the new campus. In addition to the teachers who were assigned classrooms, several teachers traveled from classroom to classroom to teach their classes throughout the day. Two students shared each small locker that had been designed for one student. The ovens in the cafeteria could barely keep up with the steady stream of students in four lunch periods. Bailey students, faculty and staff made it work; the Bailey tradition began.

L.R. Bebensee was Bailey’s first principal, followed by Mary Moore, Mike Reinhardt, John Moore, Jimmy Walker, and Tiffany Benavides. These leaders continued to expect only the best from their teachers and students. Bailey remains academically sound. Arlington ISD’s finest are at the helm in our classrooms. We have a wonderful blend of veteran and just-beginning teachers,which provides stability along with new and fresh ideas.

Bailey Junior High School’s Namesake

Joe Bailey was born and raised in Arlington, Texas. He graduated from Arlington High School. He then attended and graduated from National Business College in Fort Worth in the early 1920’s. Mr. Bailey married Lillie Mae Ditto in 1925, and shortly began a long career at North Texas Agricultural College. He soon became the Business Manager and watched the college grow to become Arlington State College and then, just before he retired, the University of Texas at Arlington. He served the college for 42 years.

Mr. Bailey served on the Arlington School Board for 19 years. Since he was business manager at the college and secretary of the Arlington School Board, he signed the pay checks of every teacher in Arlington. Joe Bailey loved children and was committed to ensuring their futures. Upon his retirement from the school board, Joe Bailey Junior High School was named in his honor.

At the 40th year celebration, his only daughter stated, “I truly wish that every student who graduated from Bailey could be influenced by knowing the honesty and integrity of this loving, giving man. I truly appreciate knowing that the name of Joe Bailey will live forever through such a fine institution of education.”

Joe Bailey passed away on July 15, 1971 at the age of 69.