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Hello Rams,

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Trust Cards

We have many great students at Bailey Jr High that do great things each and every day.  We think these students should be rewarded for their good behavior.  Therefore, we are introducing trust cards.  This week students received their trust card during their social studies classes.  The trust card is a student ID that grants them certain privileges when they have it on.  These privileges will begin on October 12th.  You may view the October 6th email regarding trust cards by clicking here.

PTA Reflections Contest

Who likes Dutch Bros Coffee?? New announcement for Bailey kids: PTA Reflections WINNERS in each of the 6 categories will win a $20 gift card to Dutch Bros Coffee! Talk to your child about entering! Deadline to turn in entries is October 29. Start thinking now! Categories are Visual Art, Photography, Literature, Film Production, Dance Choreography, and Music Composition. Theme to interpret in entry: I Will Change the World By…  Info, entry form, etc. (ALL you need) may be found here on this website:

Let’s show Bailey’s talent and creativity! (And enjoy some Dutch Bros!)

Credit Recovery

If your student failed a core course for the 1st 6 weeks, they will be assigned the course to recover through our Edgenuity program.  They will have the opportunity to attend the Edgenuity lab to work on the course – once they have finished the course, their report card grade will be changed to a passing grade.  The credit recovery lab will be open Monday/Wednesday after school and Tuesday/Thursday before school.

Your student will have until October 29 to complete the course.  They may also work at HOME on the course.  Your student will receive directions to log in and the instructions will also be emailed to parents.  

If you need more information please contact your child’s counselor.

Students A-G is Mrs. Buechele

Students H-N is Mrs. Laney

Students O-Z is Mr. Groters

October 11th

October 11th is a school holiday

PSAT Testing

​All 8th graders and 7th grade AVID students will be taking the PSAT test on Wednesday, October 13th. 

📌PSAT testing will occur in the morning from 8:45-12:21. Please make sure your student is on time for school. 

📌Students will be notified of their testing room prior to testing day-these are randomly assigned. Rosters will also be accessible by Room 119 and Room 109 the week leading up to testing day. 

📌 ​The test will be administered on paper and will follow the allotted times per College Board:

Reading 55 minutes

Writing and Language 30 minutes

Math (no calculator) 20 minutes

Math (calculator) 40 minutes 

📌7th graders who are not testing will follow a separate schedule during that time. 

📌All students will have afternoon classes, periods 5, 6, and 7. 

Questions? Please email Jennifer Cummings, SCESI and PSAT campus coordinator,

PSAT Creating a College Board Account

If your student is taking the PSAT (an 8th grader or 7th grade AVID student), you may create a College Board account. Note: This is NOT required right now.  

📌If you choose to create an account now, we ask that you follow the instructions below as this account will be the same for when your student enrolls in high school:


👉Click on Don’t have an account? SIGN UP. 

👉Use your student’s REGULAR RAPID ID username and REGULAR RAPID ID password. *This will help when it comes time to log in again. 

Upcoming Events 

10/11 – No School

10/12 – 7th Football v Carter @SHHS

10/13- 8th Football v Carter @SHHS  

  8th Volleyball v Carter @ Bailey


10/14- 7th Volleyball v Carter @ Bailey

10/16 – 8th Volleyball @ Young Tournament

            Boys and Girls CC @ Pre City meet – Lynn Creek Park

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