Each teacher is expected to communicate his or her grading policy and how grades are weighted in his/her class. Teachers will take an adequate number of grades each six weeks in order to fairly evaluate the student's learning. A six weeks exam or a unit test may be administered as part of the final six weeks grade. Benchmark test performance may also be used as part of a six weeks average.

Semester grades will be computed as follows: multiply each six weeks grade by two, add the semester exam grade and divide by seven. The result will be a semester grade with a final exam weighted approximately 15%. All junior high schools will administer a written semester exam in every course offered in the curriculum, including electives, boys and girls athletics, PE, etc.

A student's grade in academic areas will not be altered because of his/her behavior. Behavior will be reflected in the Citizenship grade on the report card. The junior high student's citizenship grade will be based on the following.

  • acceptance of responsibility
  • courtesy of speech and manners
  • dependability
  • respect for the rights of other
  • promptness
  • care of property
  • good use of time
  • following directions
  • observation of rules of behaviors