Below are the student expectations outlined in the Boles JH Student/Parent Handbook


Students come to school for one learn.

Students are expected to:

  • Work hard in all classes every day.
  • Complete class work and homework on a daily basis.
  • Everyday come to class with the essential class materials.
  • Behave in a way that is not distracting to yourself or others.


Good character is important.

A few essential good character traits include:

  • Citizenship: Respect your fellow students' desire to learn in the classroom by not disrupting learning for yourself or others.
  • Responsibility: Assume accountability for your actions
  • Self-control: Resist negative peer pressure, harmful situations, and impulsive actions that result in negative consequences.


Treat all adults on campus with respect.

Respectful behavior includes:

  • Promptly following directions of all campus personnel the first time.
  • When redirected, don't talk back or argue.
  • Refrain from using loud or offensive language towards or near an adult.
  • Recognize that the adult is in charge of the classroom

We believe these expectations are essential for student success at Boles, and we also believe that these are the same expectations you have in your home. We appreciate your support as we work towards the success of every student at Boles JH.