The vast majority of Boles students follow rules necessary to maintain an orderly learning environment that is conducive to student success. Most students will never receive a discipline referral. However, to be fair, all students and parents should be informed as to the district and campus guidelines for administering disciplinary consequences.

Boles Junior High follows a progressive discipline plan as described in the AISD Code of Conduct handbook. The system of discipline infractions and consequences are arranged in four levels: I, II, III and IV. Level I designation includes the least serious offenses - ones that most often are handled by the classroom teacher, while level IV offenses are the serious type of misconduct. Parents and students are given a copy of the AISD Code of Conduct each year. Please read this document carefully. Copies are available in Spanish.

Behavior Consequences Used at Boles

Lunch Detention Hall

Students will be assigned to detention by their assistant principal for reasons which include but are not limited to tardies, sitting off team, misconduct in cafeteria or on blacktop, littering, and inappropriate language. Students assigned to lunch detention will eat lunch in detention and are given specific instructions by the assistant principal as to where to meet the detention hall teacher, obtaining a lunch, etc. Detention Hall lasts the entire lunch period.

After School Detention Hall

Students will be assigned by their assistant principal for reasons winch include but are not limited to repeated tardies, dress code violations, skipping class, unexcused absences, class disruption, and inappropriate language. After School Detention lasts for one hour after school, from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.. Students are expected to bring work and supplies.

Saturday School

Students will be assigned by their assistant principal for reasons which include misconduct such as repeated tardies, skipping class/truancy, unexcused absences, and use of profanity. Saturday School is held on selected Saturday mornings from 8:00 to 11:00 at Boles. Students are given specific instructions by their assistant principal regarding behavior during Saturday School. All are required to bring work with them, and no sleeping is allowed.

On-Campus Suspension (OCS)

Students will be assigned to OCS by their assistant principal for reasons which may include but are not limited to excessive tardies, repeated dress code violations, second violation of district cell phone policy, truancy, class disruption, use of profanity directed at another student, adult, or defiance. OCS is a special classroom where an adult is always on duty. In this setting, the student receives assignments from their teachers for each class that they take. Students spend all day in this classroom; they have supervised restroom breaks in the morning and afternoon, and their lunch period is separate from that of the other students. There is little or no opportunity for social interaction with peers. Students assigned OCS are prohibited from attending or participating in extracurricular activities for the length of their assignment. Misconduct in OCS will be cause for immediate removal from the class and further disciplinary action.

Home-Based Instruction/Off Campus Suspension (HBI)

This type of disciplinary consequence requires that a student remain off campus for a specified period of time. Every attempt will be made to provide assignments for the student to work on while he/she is suspended. Students who are suspended are prohibited from attending o participating in extra-curricular activities during their assignment. Possible offenses that could merit suspension include the following: verbal abuse to an adult, harassment, bullying, severe disruption on campus which causes a crowd to gather or results in an unsafe situation, theft and others as deemed appropriate by administrators. Length of suspension is from 1 to 3 days at a time.


This is a short-term alternative educational environment lasting a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 10 days. Parents must attend an intake session for CHOICES program. Class assignments will be provided as soon as possible for each student, and they are to be completed prior to the student's return to the regular classroom. The CHOICES classroom is located on the Boles Campus, but the hours of the school day are modified s that the student does not interact with other students. While assigned to CHOICES, students are not allowed to be on the front porch or in the building except under the supervision of the CHOICES teacher. Students assigned to CHOICES will be prohibited from attending or participating in extracurricular activities during their placement. Examples of misconduct which will result in a CHOICES placement are as follows: excessive tardiest, bullying, profanity directed at an adult, verbal altercation, physical altercation, smoking o possession of tobacco on campus, harassment, creating a major disruption, defacing property, repetitive violation of the district cell phone policy, demeaning racial statements, obscene gestures or actions, possessing or distributing pornography, tampering with computer equipment, etc. This is not an exhaustive list.

Turning Point Junior High School

Turning point is a long-term alternative educational placement operated by the AISD. Students who engage in level IV misconduct as described in the Code of Conduct may be assigned to Turning Point. Some offenses, such as possessing, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will result in a placement to an alternative school such as Turning Point according to the Texas Education Code. These offenses are listed and clarified in the Code of Conduct. Parents must attend a conference with their student's assistant principal when there are allegations that a student has engaged in a serious Level IV misbehavior such as those described in the Code of Conduct. The assistant principal will conduct an investigation, hold the conference, make the decision regarding placement and determine the length of assignment.

If a student is awaiting placement to Turning Point, he/she will attend CHOICES on the campus of Turning Point Junior High.

During a student's term of assignment to Turning Point, he/she will not be allowed to participate in any school activities at Boles or at any other AISD campus.


When a student is accused of committing an expellable offense, as outlined in the Code of Conduct, an expulsion haring will be held with the principal. At this hearing, a determination will be made regarding the recommendation for expulsion. Students who are expelled are served through the Juvenile Justice Alternative Education System.