Federal regulations require that adult meal prices equal or exceed the student price plus the value of cash and commodities provided for student meals only.

PAMS Lunchroom (Payment Account Management System) is a secure, fast and friendly way for parents to pay online by credit card for their children's school meals. Visit PAMS Lunchroom at https://www.paypams.com/ 

Only parents or guardians may come to sit or eat in the cafeteria at the designated Visitor’s Table with their student. No other guests are permitted unless accompanied by the student’s parent/legal guardian.

Food from Outside Sources & Beverage Delivery. Please be aware that district guidelines prohibit outside food or beverages to be delivered to a student by anyone other than the student's own parent or guardian. This prohibition includes food delivered by companies such as DoorDash, as well. Any such deliveries will be turned away to protect student's safety in regards to unsecured food.

Energy drinks are not allowed on any AISD campus. This is from the time a student arrives on the school property in the morning until they leave campus at the end of the day.

Students are not allowed to bring beverage containers of any kind into the school building during the school day (school day is defined as from the time a student first enters the school building for the day until the last dismissal bell of the day). Water is the exception. Beverage containers must be disposed of in trash receptacles at the school entrances prior to entering the school building. Exceptions will be made for unopened beverage containers in lunch boxes or lunch bags that will be consumed only during lunchtime, as long as the beverage is not a banned energy drink.

Lunch is the favorite time of day of most Boles students. The following guidelines will ensure that lunch is a good time for everyone. All junior high schools in Arlington require that students eat in the school cafeteria, so students must report to the cafeteria whether they plan to eat lunch or not. Only parents or guardians may come to sit or eat in the cafeteria with their student.

Breakfast is served in the cafeteria beginning at 8:15 each morning. Students may use their food account number to pay for breakfast as well as lunch. Student breakfasts are $1.25 and adult breakfasts are a la carte.

Full lunches and ala carte lunches are served in the cafeteria, with the option to buy desserts or extra items separately. Student lunches are $2.60 and adult lunches are $3.25. In addition, students are allowed to bring sack lunches instead of buying.

Food Accounts - Each student will be issued an account number. The account may be credited by bringing cash or check, or by depositing funds through https://www.paypams.comThe account number takes the place of a lunch ticket, and the account is debited each time a purchase is made in the cafeteria. Money in the account may be spent any way the student wishes unless parents notify the cafeteria manager that they want the account blocked (in which case only a full lunch may be purchased). Money may be deposited into the account on any day. Siblings must have separate accounts. No one else has access to an account number unless the student shares it, so students should protect their account numbers and keep them private. Parents are encouraged to put $5.00 in the student's account for emergencies

Behavior in the cafeteria - Students are expected to enter by walking rather than running. In the food lines, they must wait their turn (no cuts). Once students are finished purchasing food, they are expected to stay seated while they are in the cafeteria. All students should take responsibility for clearing liter and cleaning up their table.

Leaving the cafeteria - Only after an adult has dismissed them, may students exit the cafeteria. Food,  snacks and canned or bottled drinks cannot be taken from the cafeteria and should not be consumed in the hallways.