FormsDon't Feel Good

A student should stay in class...

  • For the first 45 minutes of instructional time of the school day unless they are bleeding, vomiting, or cannot breathe. They were sent to school by their parents.
  • When someone else thinks he/she "looks" sick or "looks" feverish but student feels fine.
  • When an old, healed abrasion (scab) is merely sore or itches.
  • When there is soreness from an old injury. If no bump, bruise, swelling, redness, or if more than 24 hours after injury -- no ice should be given -- it won't help!
  • When a physician or parent has applied a bandage at home, clinic personnel have been instructed not to reapply or change elastic or sterile bandages.
  • When student regularly finds excuses to leave class and rarely has to go or stay home because of illness.
  • When a student frequently asks to go to clinic at the same time of the day.
  • When a loose tooth is annoying to student and/or teacher.