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Being a Bulldog

We want our athletes to know we are more concerned about what kind of adult they end up being over the number of games they won.

We will not know what impact we made on our athletes for maybe 5, 10, or even 20 years.

WINNING is a by-product of the type of athletes we are producing.

Team Goals

We have high expectations for this season to WIN the

City Championship in every sport!

We want to play harder and have more fun than anyone we play.

We want to out work our opponents (players and staff) Compete your best on every play at practice and games.


Discipline Policy

  • Always be on time.
  • Be at practice every day.
  • Players are expected to do the right thing on the field/court and in the
  • Missed practice and classroom behavior equals reduced playing time.
  • Always show respect to all school personnel, referees, teammates, property, and equipment. Be PROUD to be a Bulldog!

Attendance Policy

  • Accountability-Athletes can’t improve if they are not here. Avoid appointments during practice times.
  • Everyone needs to be at practice even if you can’t participate. Minor injuries/sick
  • If your child is going to miss practice, the parent MUST notify Coaches by phone at 682-867-8069 or 682-867-8000. (leave message) Email
  • Unexcused absences will result in lost playing time and/or removal from team.

Grading Policy

  • The U.I.L. requires a student to pass every course in order to be eligible.
  • If a student fails a class for the six weeks, that student is INELIGIBLE to participate in games for at least three weeks.
  • If a student has ALL passing grades on his next progress report, he regains
  • Ineligible students are still required to practice, but is not able to ride the bus to any away game.

General Information

State law and UIL rules prohibit any athlete from participating without a physical.

All online AISD & UIL paperwork must be completed prior to participation.

AISD policy establishes that junior high programs are part of a six-year program.

We teach Martin High School schemes and techniques in all sports at Boles.

  • Athletes must wear the new AISD Athletic uniforms (shorts & t-shirt)
  • Make sure your athlete uses his athletic locker - if they lose equipment, they must pay for it.
  • Athletes that have prescription inhalers should bring them to athletics. It must have proper documentation with school nurse.
  • We can hold inhalers during practice/games if they have the athletes name on them. Athlete must pick them up after practice or game.

Practices are closed. Football parents can watch from behind the fence or parking lot.

Parents are not allowed on fields or courts during any practice or game.

If there is a medical emergency during an event/game, AISD will have a paramedic and/or an athletic trainer on-site to assess the injury.

7th Grade Football

 3 total teams consist of: A, B1, B2

  • Team placement decided by the coaching staff prior to first game.
  • Team placement may change at any time during the season.
  • Football practice will begin Monday September 14th.
  • Practice begins at 7:30AM each morning and ends at 9:00AM.
  • Right now Kids should arrive by 7AM to check in as we will still continue temperature checks and Covid Screening.
  • Athletes need to arrive and enter the back gate by the tennis courts promptly at 7AM and be suited out ready to start practice by 7:30AM.
  • Do NOT drop your child off or have them  arrive prior to 7:00

Game Days are on Mondays unless a holiday.

Athletes are not allowed to leave after school on game days.

Food – Keep it light.

No food is allowed to be brought to campus during hybrid school.

Athletes must pack a lunch and dinner on game days this year.

7th Grade Football is very competitive this year in Arlington.

We will play to win.

There is no guarantee of playing time. If they practice and dress out for game every player will play in the game.

Players may move up and down from one team to another based on performance in practice and games.

8th Grade Football

2 Teams - A  & B

Football practice will start on September 14. It will begin at 4:30 and ends at 6pm.

Pick up athletes after practice NO LATER than 6:15pm.

Team placement decided by coaching staff prior to the first game by evaluations.

  • Game nights are on
  • Athletes are not allowed to leave after school on game
  • Food – Keep it Light!!! No food can be brought or dropped off this year during the hybrid session campus
  • Players may move up or down the roster or from team to team based upon performance.
  • There is no guarantee of playing
  • If your child misses a practice, your child may lose playing
  • “A” Team records are kept by

Playing Time

There is no set amount of playing time per athlete. Every person on the team will get to play in the game if they are eligible to play.

Not everyone deserves to play, everyone deserves to be coached.

Coaches will play who they feel give the team the best chances to be successful. TRUST+ABILITY=PLAYING TIME

Chain of Communication

Whom do you ask? When do you ask?

  • Player needs to ask the position coach what they need to work on to get better.
  • Player then can visit with the head coach of their sport about what they can do to get better.
  • Parents can visit with the head coach about what the player can do to get better at the appropriate time.
  • Appropriate time is during a scheduled Please follow the 24 hour rule regarding speaking.

Game/Event Transportation

  • Athletes must be picked up within 15 minutes upon returning to school after games/events.
  • AISD Board Policy-All athletes must ride to and from the game/event on AISD provided transportation. This is a new mandated item. Only extenuating circumstances will be reviewed 1 week prior to the game/event and must be approved by the school principal.
  • If you decide to take the athlete without prior approval, a mandatory meeting will be requested with the athletic coordinator and loss of playing time/suspension will be in place until the meeting has occurred.
  • With Covid 19 we are expecting all athletes to leave after

What We Need From You:

To encourage your athlete to be the best they can be!

Academics, training, diet, and rest are crucial to developing into a great student- athlete.

Be careful with criticism of team, coaches, players, and especially your athlete.

We want to build them to love the sport they play not break them do

Be Supportive!!!

  • Fundraiser
  • We need parents to run game
  • Join the Boles Athletics Booster
  • Be positive at games!!!
  • Respect officials. (UIL Rule).
  • Thanks for being the BEST  Parents in Arlington!

Athletics/P.E. Locker Rooms:
Students enrolled in athletics or PE will be issued a locker in the locker rooms. Students should secure their valuables by placing them in the locker and locking them up. Locker rooms are off limits to students unless they are supervised by an adult.Behavior in the locker rooms – Horseplay, physical contact, unsafe behavior, theft, harassment, locker checking, slap boxing, pranks, etc. in the locker room are considered serious infractions and will receive appropriate disciplinary consequences upon the first infraction.