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What is grade recovery?

  • It is an intervention program aimed at preventing students from failing for the year and going to summer school.
  • Grade recovery courses are online courses that are designed to be somewhat flexible and allows students to work at their own pace in smaller learning environments with minimum distractions.
  • The grade recovery program is an opportunity for a student to retake a course that he/she previously was not academically successful.
  • Grade Recovery courses are complete courses containing all core course content for which the student will demonstrate mastery for a new grade. Mastery for tests in Edgenuity is a 70%.
  • This program supplements existing curriculum.

How does a student get a Credit Recovery Placement?

  • Failing a core subject with a grade that is below 70.
  • Counselor Recommendation.

Then What?

  • When the student completes the online course, the failing grade will then be changed to a 75.


  • Students will receive a schedule change to be enrolled in an actual Grade Recovery class period. Once the student has completed the course work, the counselor will determine placement.

Class Schedule

1st Period - 8:55 to 9:45

2nd Period - 9:49 to 10:41

3rd Period - 10:45 to 11:35

A Lunch

4th Period - 12:09 to 12:59

5th Period - 1:03 to 1:53

6th Period - 1:57 to 2:47


7th Period - 3:21 to 4:10


Edgenuity Grade Recovery

Edgenuity Grade Recovery

Edgenuity Grade Recovery

11:35 to 12:05

Edgenuity Grade Recovery


Edgenuity Grade Recovery

2:47 to 3:17

Edgenuity Grade Recovery