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Algebra is one of the chief branches of mathematics, and the mastery of mathematics depends on a sound understanding of algebra.  This course will place emphasis on the application of mathematical concepts and techniques in problem solving, the concepts of relations and functions, and skills essential to the study of mathematics.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a credit in mathematics toward graduation, and each semester average is considered in your high school grade point average (GPA).

Scope & Sequence - 1st Semester

Expressions and Equations
Two-Step Equations
Properties of Real Number System
Algebraic Proofs
Harder Equations (Multi-step, Identities)
Graphing Linear Functions (Quick Graphing)
Systems of Equations
Absolute Value Equations

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Scope & Sequence - 2nd Semester

Proportions and Per cent
Radical Equations
Pythagorean Theorem
Relations and Functions
Quadratic Equations
Rational Expressions/Equations



  • Course 1 = 6th
  • Course 2 = 7th
  • Course 3 = 8th
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