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Scope and Sequence - 1st Semester

Exploring Patterns
Properties of the Number System
Solving Simple Equations
Solving Two-step/Multi-step Equations
Number Theory
Rational Numbers
Per cent

*Optional Material

Scope and Sequence - 2nd Semester

Proportions, Per cent and Probability
Number (Square Roots, Irrational Numbers)
Pythagorean Theorem
Inequalities (Solving and Graphing)
Linear Equations
Basic Geometric Concepts and Spatial Thinking
Congruence, Similarity and Transformations
Geometric Formulas (Area, Surface Area, Volume)
Advanced Linear Equations (Slope, Intercepts, Linear Inequalities)*

Course Description

Math 8  is basically a fundamental Pre-Algebra course.  This course will hopefully prepare the student for Algebra I at the high school level.  Emphasis will be placed on rational numbers, problem solving, and techniques used to solve various equations.

Calculators will be checked out to students at the beginning of the second semester when they have had a chance to master rational numbers on their own.  Until then, please encourage your children not to use calculators at home except to check their work.

Department Grading Percentages

Daily 20%

Quizzes 40%

Tests 40%

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