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I hope everyone has had a healthy summer and is ready to get back to school. Band is going to look a little different here at the start, but we WILL be playing our instruments!

If you are a returning 8th grader, and this is your second year to play an instrument, you should still have your instrument from last year. If you do not, and are needing to get an instrument from school, please let us know on the google form below. We are still working on figuring out how to distribute instruments. I will let you know as soon as I get it settled. Those of you who do still have your instrument, I need you to get it out and check to make sure it’s in working condition. Complete the google form to inform me on it’s condition.

ALL returning members need to complete:  Instrument Assessment and Needs

If you are a 7th grader or are new to playing a band instrument, we are excited to have you joining our band family! Many of you came to our Instrument Drive in February and selected an instrument. If you missed that, and have not chosen your instrument, you need to click the below link and complete the google form. It is important to be placed on an instrument before school starts as it determines which band class you are enrolled in. Once you have submitted the google form, I will get back to you within 2-3 days to let you know which instrument I have assigned to you.

Boles Band Registration Form

For both new and returning band members, I have attached the band supply list. All supplies can be acquired at the local music stores listed at the end of the packet. For new members that play oboe, bassoon, french horn, euphonium, or tuba, I will let you know the plan for instrument pick up soon. If you find that you are having a difficult time obtaining an instrument, please email me at and let me know. We will figure something out. Every child has a place in band.

Boles Band Supply List

Carrie Burum

Head Band Director


Band Directors

Carrie burum

Carrie Burum
Band Director

Class Schedule for Carrie Burum

1st Period - 8:55 to 9:45 - 8th Percussion

2nd Period - 9:49 to 10:41 - 7th Percussion

3rd Period- 10:45 to 11:35 - Flute

4th Period - 11:39 to 11:29 - Clarinet

12:29 to 12:59 - B Lunch

5th Period - 1:03 to 1:53 - Conference

6th Period - 1:57 to 2:47 - Symphonic

Advisory 2:47 to 3:17

7th Period - 3:21 to 4:10 -  Double Reeds


Casey Barge

Kasey Barge
Assistant Band Director

Class Schedule for Kasey Barge

1st Period - 8:55 to 9:45  - Conference

2nd Period - 9:49 to 10:45 - French Horn

3rd Period- 10:49 to 11:35 - Concert Band

4th Period - 11:39 to 12:29 - Trombones

B Lunch - 12:29 to 12:59

5th Period - 1:03 to 1:53 - Saxophone/Trumpet

6th Period - 1:57 to 2:47 - Symphonic Band

Advisory 2:47 to 3:17

7th Period - 3:21 to 4:10 - Euphonium/Tuba


Band Supply List



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